Restaurants in Prati, Flaminio, Parioli

Where to eat in Rome’s Prati and Flaminio Neighbourhoods

ristorante la veranda roma

Historical Dining Spots


Scattered throughout the city in areas like Trastevere and Villa Borghese here are a few Historical Dining Spots that can teach you about previous centuries

Beef Bazaar Rome restaurant

Beef Bazaar


Beef Bazaar, the new meat restaurant in Rome’s Prati neighbourhood, puts a dynamic spin on the carnivorous menu, serving meat cuts from all over the world.

Club hotel Butterfly Rome

Hotel Butterfly


In the Guido Reni District is the newly-opened Hotel Butterfly, which has quickly become one of the trendiest spots in Rome: Music, Food, Art, Mixology, Shopping, Hairstylists, Tattoos, and Design.

Ted Burger & Lobster in Rome

Ted Burger & Lobster (closed)


New culinary inspiration from New England has just landed in the Prati, where the newly opened Ted Burger & Lobster restaurant and cocktail bar is bringing a touch of Maine to Rome.

ponte della musica

A day in Flaminio


Just north of the city center, the Flaminio neighborhood of Rome is easily accessible by Metro, Tram, or Bus and has something fun for everyone!