Beef Bazaar

Beef Bazaar Rome restaurant

International meat cuts in the Prati neighbourhood

In the heart of Prati, a meat lover’s paradise awaits you. Beef Bazaar is the new restaurant that puts a dynamic spin on the carnivorous menu, recalling flavors of Argentina and America. The concept extends to an international level and embraces meat from all over the world, including meat cuts from Japan, Poland, Argentina, Australia, America and – without abandoning local delicacies – Italy.

Beef Bazaar restaurant Rome

Beef Bazaar’s interior is spacious with a high-end-modern design mixed with a fancy ranch home feel. Displayed at the end of the room behind a glass case are various cuts of meat labeled based on their countries of origin, giving the restaurant a bit of a more casual feel. Some of the top cuts served, and not to be looked over, include the Manzetta Prussiana (from Poland), the Kobe Beef (some of the highest quality beef Japan has to offer) and the famous American Black Angus. If you want to keep it classic, there is also a long list of gourmet hamburgers.

Beef Bazaar Rome restaurant

Don’t forget to ease into the meal with some hors d’oeuvres, as some of the most sublime ingredients complete these delicate starters. Try some slices of Roman focaccia with smooth stracciatella cheese topped with slivers of thinly cut beef or some Black Angus carpaccio with cherry tomatoes and arugula.

Beef Bazaar Rome restaurant

While at first glance Beef Bazaar seems to be anything but a safe place for vegetarians, it is quite veggie-friendly and has some mouth-watering options for those that don’t eat meat. Many of these can be found on the appetizer menu and include a zucchini soup with curry and robiola cheese and a buffalo mozzarella with fried basil. Other items on the main menu include avocado tartare and rise with tofu, zucchini and soy sauce.

There are two bars in house, one with a selection of artisanal beers and the other serving cocktails made with the latest international mixology techniques.

This new elegant restaurant combines hearty flavors with a delicate, gourmet culinary touch and has brought top quality recipes from all corners of the globe to the Roman table. Beef Bazaar is without a doubt an exciting new introduction of international meats into the city’s restaurant scene.

186, 00192 Roma RM, Italy


Viale Germanico, 186 (Prati)

Opening time

Open daily from 6am to 12am



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