Free wi-fi in Rome: best cafés to work in

Free Wifi in Rome cafes to work in

No Office, No Problem: Rome’s Best Places to Work and Study

Rome is unique in many ways in comparison to other major cities around the world, one of which is the culture around working outside of the typical office. You won’t find a single Starbucks, at least for now, and you’d have a similarly difficult time spotting people working on laptops in a café. In fact, in Rome, it has historically been frowned upon by locals if done at the incorrect time and place, as the Italian culture considers working on a laptop in a café borderline taboo.

However, as of late, more and more Roman cafes are catering to the idea of offering co-working spaces with WiFi as an ideal place to relax, enjoy a coffee, and even work out of your laptop. Here are some favorites that are frequented by those seeking a break from working at home, divided by location!



Ex Circus

ex circus rome

Tucked away just footsteps away from Piazza Navona, Ex Circus is a work-friendly café with great coffee, food, drinks and free wi-fi. Better yet, Ex Circus has cozy couches, power outlets, and coffee tables. It maintains a homey, yet hip vibe, allowing one person to study in peace, while another person eats nearby. Come for the free wi-fi and cozy atmosphere and prolong your stay by tasting everything from peanut butter and jelly bagels to caramel hot chocolate to superfood salads with avocados.

Via della Vetrina, 15 (Navona)

Mon – Thu from 8am – 10pm
Fri – Sat from 8am – 2am
Sun from 10am – 10pm

Bar Del Fico

Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

Although this restaurant, turned bar at night, is quite lively in the evenings, come in the early mornings/afternoon to experience a great and convenient place to work, as it’s located right in the city center. Great for grabbing a bite and people watching on the outside tables and meeting with friends. Get some work done here sooner rather than later, as the scene is far more social once the sun starts to set.

Via della Pace, 34 (Navona)

Open Sun-Sat, 8am-2am

Chiostro del Bramante

Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

If you are looking for a more scenic view while working, come here as the outdoor seating available overlooks the main courtyard of the museum, giving you a chance to be outdoors on a nice day. The relaxing and comfortable atmosphere is great for anyone that just wants to “wind down” or study alike. Away from the crowds, you will be sure to find some quiet time in this charming setting not too far from Piazza Navona.

Arco della Pace, 5 (Navona)

Open Tues-Sun, 10am-8pm


Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

Make yourself at home in this circus-themed locale, featuring a menu that is constantly changing (we highly recommend the homemade pastries). Like Bar del Fico, the nightlife here is quite active so come early in order to avoid the evening rush and to take advantage of the calmer scenery during the day.

Via del Pellegrino, 87 (Campo de’ Fiori)

Open Mon 8:30am-12midnight; Tues-Sat, 8:30am-2am

Hotel Chapter Roma

Chapter Roma Bar: art, design & cocktails in the centro storico

Make yourself at home in this industrial-chic lobby bar, featuring contemporary art, a menu of contrasts and delicious signature cocktails and classic drinks. Sit in their comfortable seats, open up your laptop and enjoy free wi-fi paired with their nachos with chili sauce.

Via di Santa Maria de Calderari, 47

Open daily 7am-1am



Alembic Free Wifi in Rome

Located in the less touristy part of Trastevere, Alembic is a funky bar with a cozy atmosphere, chill-out vibes and the perfect mix of unique cocktails and art. Wax dripped on wine bottles, beautiful chandeliers, string lights and modern art everywhere. But Alembic isn’t just the perfect place to grab a lunch, aperitivo or after dinner drinks, it’s the ideal place to stop by, enjoy a coffee and get some work done! Bring in your laptop, sit in one of the chairs or couches and connect to their free wifi!

Piazza in Piscinula, 51 (Trastevere)

Daily 10am –  2am


Located near John Cabot University, Pimm’s restaurant pulls any passerby inside with its streaming lights, live music, and spritely chatter. Along with the invigorating atmosphere, Pimm’s cocktails (particularly the Pimm’s cup) and yummy food ensure a pleasurable meal during any time of day. Customers can enjoy a hearty breakfast of pancakes, toast, and eggs with their English breakfast service, traditional Roman appetizers and pasta for dinner, and street food for a late night snack. And who would’ve thought, with its free wifi it’s also the perfect place to get some work done!

Via di S. Dorotea 8/9 (Trastevere)

Daily 10am –  2am

Big Star


Big Star, thriving in the heart of Trastevere, offers something for every customer, whether they’re looking for scrumptious breakfasts, cocktails, live music, or international food. Dedicated customers and tourists enjoy munching on burritos, vegan paninis, and burgers while sipping craft beer. Apart from hosting various bands on Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights, Big Star is a student retreat during the day. Get some work done, indulge in yummy food, and get into work-mode!

Via Goffredo Mameli 25 (Trastevere)

Mon-Sat 7.30am – 2am, Sun 8am – 2am




This newly opened café situated just a short walk from Termini is perfect for a morning cappuccino paired with a handmade pastry in a bright, clean interior and an even friendlier staff, making it a great place to get some work done. They also host coffee workshops for those who would be interested in learning different methods of extraction and coffee art. Visit their website for further inquiries.

Via Piave, 55 (Piazza Fiume)

Open Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm; Sat 8am-7pm; Sun 9am-7pm



Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

Whether you are looking to meet with a group of people or work by yourself, AntiCafé is a great option for a co-working space without the guilt and obligation of leaving after one cappuccino. Along with the low hourly fee for their services, they also offer an unlimited amount of beverages with snacks to choose from during your study or work hour(s).

Via Veio, 4b (San Giovanni)

Open Mon-Fri, 9am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-10pm


Linea & Typo @ MAXXI

Linea & Typo at MAXXI


The MAXXI, a contemporary art museum nestled in the Flaminio neighborhood, is home to not one but two cafes where you can study or work and use their free wifi. The first one is Typo, the adjacent café right on Via Guido Reni, where you will find a bookshop and tables where you can work. The second one, Linea,  is in the MAXXI complex, right the courtyard. It offers plenty of tables and lounges indoors and outdoors, perfect for those who are looking to soak up the sun while getting some work done. Its spacious interior serves up everything from pastries to a full coffee and liquor bar.

Via Guido Reni, 4a (Flaminio)

Open Tues-Fri, 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-10pm


Café Letterario

Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

A co-working, aperitivo, and live concert space that is off- the-beaten-path and frequented by most locals who have kept this gem a secret for years. The inside library makes it a perfect place to browse the wide selection of DVDs and books available as well as get some work done or study on their comfortable couches.

Via Ostiense, 95 (Testaccio)

Open Tues-Fri, 10am-2am; Sat-Sun, 4pm-2am



Rome’s Best Cafes with WiFi

Popular among the locals at night, Analemma also serves as a great workplace during the day. Enjoy the funky décor and bring a friend to try out their selection of hot and cold coffees alongside a plate of pancakes, as breakfast is served throughout the late afternoon. A short walk from the Colosseum, Analemma is conveniently located in the Monti neighborhood.

Via Leonina, 77 (Monti)

Open Mon-Thu, 5.30pm-1am; Fri-Sat 6.30pm-2am; Sun 6.30pm-1am




If you’re exploring the Gianicolo hill for amazing views of Rome or strolling through Villa Pamphili park for the day, the Caffé gli Archi is the perfect stop for coffee or aperitivo. During the week, Archi is flooded with students from the nearby American University of Rome, and is a popular stop for iced-coffee and take-away cappuccinos.  In addition to Archi’s pastries and sandwiches, their kitchen also serves hot dishes during lunch hours, making it the perfect place to work or study all day long.

Via Fratelli Bonnet 4 (Monteverde)

Mon-Fri 6am – 9pm , Sun 7am – 9pm



Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and maybe we’ll have to wait another century for free wi-fi for the whole city, but now there are a few other services you can use to get connected on-the-go:

ONEMYFI portable wifi hostpost in Rome and ItalyONEMYFI –

Just about as portable as a take-away ‘espresso a l’italiano’, ONEMYFI is a pocket-sized router with a 4G/LTE sim which can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  With ONEMYFI, customers also have the opportunity to connect up to 10 different devices, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your friends and family out of the surfing fun.  You can choose the place where you want your device to be delivered as well as the place of the return. Ooh and did we forget to mention it’s cost-effective? From 4 euro per day you can avoid hefty roaming charges.


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    • I tried it last week in Rome, and I was very satisfied!
      You can be always online, everywhere, with up to 5 smartphones.. I know that public wifi in Rome is simply ridicolous. You have to register to Digit Roma, for example, only by an Italian SIM… and you can be connected only 2 hours/day, when you have “the fortune” to find an hotspot..

      Me and ny husband used the Me package (50 Mb/day) for 5 days.
      50 Mb for two persons is a very good compromise, and we paid 15 euros for the whole periodl!

      We used a lot Google Map to move by public transportations, and it works GREAT, and Tripadvisor to find good but not expensive restaurants near our position.. A nice service!

  • You must be one of their employers because this thing only works for the first few minutes when you get it, and of course slower than a 90s computer. Sadly I paid for 15 days and it has just been stored in my bag because the internet has never worked. Plain stealing of money. If there is ever internet is for a few seconds a day so I ended up having to go to internet cafes every day anyway.

  • Question: Are the places listed FREE internet where you can use it however long you want? Also, how fast is the internet? Good enough for Netflix streaming?

  • I am sorry but wasn’t this article about free wifi?! If i need a paid one i would make a different search. Please make your article/tittle more accurate next time. Loss of time

    • Hi!! yes indeed, it is. You can find here many free wi-fi spots in Rome plus some services to get connected on-the-go (some free / some with fee). thanks!

    • We really recommend ExpressoWiFi. It’s easy to use and fast. Then, when you book your Device Use the Promotion Code ” romeing “ AND GET 10% OFF! ciao!

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