Rome in your Pocket: Best apps for foreigners in Rome

Best apps for foreigners in Rome

Rome’s Must-Have Apps

When it comes to navigating the city like a local, Rome is such a popular destination that it can be a challenge to wade through the sea of books, blogs, websites, and magazines to truly find the best advice. But what could be easier than pulling out your phone? With these 16 apps, you can explore the city’s food culture, brush up on your history, learn Italian, find a doctor and more. It’s like having an expert on all the best things to do in Rome right in your pocket.!


babbel app


Starting with minimal to no Italian knowledge I downloaded Babbel hoping to start the learning process. Babbel is a very non-intimidating app. When you first download the app, it asks you how much time realistically you will spend on it per day, your preexisting Italian knowledge, and if you want to be reminded to practice. You can set weekly goals as well to keep yourself on track. I found that this was an approachable way for me to begin to learn because it is structured around my comfort level and allocates realistic amounts of time I intend to devote. Upon using the app, you will be given simple quizzes initially to familiarize yourself with common Italian words and phrases. It shows real time spelling and pronunciation as you take the quizzes so you can learn multiple ways at once. The app will advance your basic language understanding quickly, but the free trial only gives access to one lesson, after that it is subscription based.


duolingo app


Language doesn’t have to be a barrier, and when in Italy it most definitely shouldn’t be. Food, drink and destinations should be at the top of your Italian language list. Duolingo is the ultimate app to start learning some basic Italian before and during your trip to Italy. Each mini-lesson takes you through a language or grammar skill using pictures, short translations, listening activities and more to help you brush up on your Italian basics or solidify key language concepts all in a fun and easy to use format. Armed with the basics, you’ll have a lot of fun testing out your skills with the locals. Brava!

itranslate app


There are some words in Italian you simply don’t want to botch, whether it’s in spelling, meaning, or pronunciation. Like penne. Take our word for it. Enter iTranslate. This leading dictionary and translation app allows you to start voice-to-voice conversations in over 90 languages. The app also provides verb conjugations in different tenses, and can detect different dialects. You are bound to impress yourself when using this app abroad. They offer a 7-day free trial and then charge you € 4,99 monthly or € 59,99 / year.

Best apps to learn italian




If you can brave the public transportation system in Rome, power to you. But do it right. CityMapper provides users with the fastest routes, latest updated times, real-time locations, and the distances from metro/bus stops. The app also features the carsharing capability which enables users to check out available cars, scooters, and also cabs nearby.  The “issues” section lets you know of any problems occurring on your route in real time, like traffic, strikes, a closed metro station. CityMapper can also remember your recent and frequent trips so you don’t have to!



Your closest bet to an Uber experience is this trending app. FREE NOW, formerly My Taxi, has been around since 2015 and is arguably the most efficient way to get around using Rome’s competitive taxi services. Order your taxi in two taps, track your driver in real time, pay cashless, and take advantage of this app when continuing to move around Europe. It also allows you to pre-order service up to 4 days in advance. You can save your favorite drivers (pick up on that last in-depth convo) and…Heading to the airport at the end of the week? Try their pick-up and drop-off service on demand.



Urbi is the best solution to the multitude of car sharing, scooter sharing, bike sharing, and cab opportunities in Rome. They work with Enjoy, ShareNow, Lime, eCooltra, Helbiz, Acciona, and more companies. By allowing the app to see your location, Urbi shows you all the available vehicles nearby that you can reserve at any given moment. Say goodbye to opening a dozen different apps to check what is closest or cheapest, Urbi takes care of that for you! You do need to have an account for the apps that you want to reserve a vehicle with, but Urbi merges everything into one map which allows you to take faster decisions!

mycicero app


When in Rome, you’re likely going to use public transport, hopping from bus to tram to train regularly. Sometimes buying tickets can be a hassle, especially if you are getting single tickets for each ride or if you run out of time and need a ticket asap. MyCicero is Rome’s latest modern approach to traveling by public transport. With MyCicero, you can buy and store your tickets directly on the app. When needed, simply open up and validate your ticket in the app in seconds. You can buy a variety of tickets: 90min, 24hr, 48hr, 72hr or even a month pass. You can even pay for parking or buy Trenitalia train tickets and lots more. You need an internet connection for this app, but if you’ve got one, do yourself a favour and get MyCicero. You’ll save yourself precious time.

scooterino app


This app is your uber for scooters. Getting around in Rome is a lot less intimidating when you’re a passenger. But what better way to uncover the city than like a local, where scootering is first class transportation for Romans. Enter Scooterino, your best bet for adventure, so you can keep your impromptu itinerary but with a peace of mind. This app allows you to pick your driver, check prices before booking, request a ride from around the city within minutes, and even pay by card! Available in both English and Italian.


medinaction app


When you’re traveling or living abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is tracking down an English-speaking doctor when you’re sick. MedInAction is a medical service that will deliver a qualified doctor right to your doorstep 24 hours a day. Choose where and when you want the doctor to come. You can also book a video consultation with a a doctor. This app revives the tradition of Italian doctors making house calls, except it’s faster, more modern, customized, and all right at your fingertips!

Time travel Rome App


History and archeology lovers, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for Roman works in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa you might no longer need a tour guide. TimeTravelRome app offers original content for >5000 ancient sites and monuments, 300 ancient texts and 10.000 photos. In addition to that, the new version displays on the map all ancient Roman roads, traced by academics from the AWMC and Mercator-E research centers – these new functions are free to all users. TimeTravelRome’s rich content and its unique features, which include 300 ancient texts and Roman roads maps, make it the ultimate ancient history app dedicated to the Ancient Roman Empire.

wetap app


One of Rome’s greatest gifts is it’s 2500 free and safe water fountains spread out across the city. A very clever feature the ancient Romans were kind enough to leave behind for us to enjoy. The WeTap App is exclusive to Rome, helping you locate water fountains near you. When in Rome, you’re likely going to walk a lot, and along the way, you’re bound to get thirsty. Don’t waste money buying mineral water, just fill up your reusable bottle at the nearest fountain and never go thirsty again. And… at the same time you’re saving the environment.




Obviously if you could eat out in Rome every night, not only would the Italian economy embrace you, but your palette would be redefined. However, it’s not practical. Eating in is the new way to dine with Deliveroo: enjoy premium cuisine on demand in the comfort of your Roman abode. This trendy startup has mastered the mobile kitchen, foodie locales, and great offers. Zip code friendly and diet approved, enjoy the perks of takeaway with this easy-to-use app.

Too-Good-To-Go app


So much food goes to waste every day because of over-production. Too Good To Go alerts you of any food shops, cafes, or restaurants nearby that have a surplus of produce they can no longer sell the next day. You can reserve a box full of goodies for a very discounted price, usually around €5. All you have to do is go pick it up at the time the app tells you. You are helping the environment by helping consuming extra food that would be otherwise thrown in the trash, and also eating full meals for unimaginable prices. Be a part of the change!



It can be overwhelming looking for somewhere to eat in Rome, because the options are limitless. Forget all that time wasted looking for recommendations online, and start using TheFork. What’s great about this App is that it recommends places to eat with photos taken by other people who’ve enjoyed the food themselves. Yes, please! This is a fantastic new approach that makes a foodie hunt fun, visual and full of discovery. The app also provides menus for every restaurant, lets you reserve a table, and also enjoy great discounts on the bill! The more you reserve, the more Yums points you gain, the more discounts you get. Now you can find great food quickly and pay less, what are you waiting for?


triposo app


Why we love it? All content, navigation and reviews are available offline. Score. There’s an effective way to get lost on a side street in Rome so you can explore the off-the-beaten-path with confidence. Triposo is super customized mapping your trip based on your favorite places worldwide. It also offers information on where to eat, drink, shop, find a hotel, and sightsee and even allows you to book reservations. These features are all available offline so you don’t have to worry about racking up roaming charges. Organize your trip, save your favorite places, discover nearby spots and hidden gems like a pro. Leave your Lonely Planet at home? Maybe.

meetup app


For all those social butterflies coming to Rome, especially the solo travelers, this app is for you. Meetup is all about bringing people together. With this app, you can discover groups in the city that are doing things you love to do, and join in on the fun! After signing up and selecting your interests, you will see a huge selection of activities happening in the city to choose from. Think weekend adventures, social dinners, photography workshops, walking the dogs, wine and food tasting, you name it! If you want to meet like-minded people while in the city, this is your go-to app.

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