The best study abroad programs in Rome

best study abroad programs in Rome

Studying Abroad in Rome

Imagine this: your friend comes back home from studying abroad, and they can’t stop talking about their experience. They teach you some of the words they learned along the way–especially the bad ones–happily touting about how “life-changing” and “memorable” the experience was. They describe their endless travel adventures, the outstanding food, and the quirks of the host culture in meticulous detail.

In a nutshell, their study abroad experience is “probably-the-best-thing-they’ve-ever-done-for-themselves.” If this scenario sounds like anything you experienced, you’re not alone. As cliché as it sounds, it sums up quite well the unforgettable experience of thousands of students from around the world, and perhaps now you’re itching to figure it out for yourself.

There are many reasons to study in another country for a while. Curiosity, wanderlust, learning a new language, writing your perfect essay, challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone, are only a few of them. However, having a rich cultural experience is perhaps the most significant benefit you can achieve from studying abroad. And what better place to fill up your cultural baggage than Rome?

Studying abroad in Rome means engaging with centuries of culture, art and history on the daily, and the city’s contemporary significance on the global stage offers a window on current affairs in Europe and elsewhere. Plus, there’s good news: there are many programs and universities to choose from when looking to spend your study abroad time among Rome’s narrow alleys, incredible food culture, and friendly people. Here’s our list of the best places where you can study abroad in Rome, Italy.

John Cabot University

John Cabot University of Rome

Known by its students as JCU, this Liberal Arts College is situated in the historic Trastevere neighbourhood, one of the most beautiful and charming areas of the city. Students come here from all over the world, and whether you’re opting for a semester, a year, or a longer stay, John Cabot University offers 14 accredited majors, numerous minors to choose from, and a few graduate programs. Its picturesque campuses are a stone’s throw from the city center, and the student body and faculty are truly international.

American University of Rome

the american university of Rome

Founded in 1969, the American University in Rome (AUR) is the oldest American degree-granting University in the city. Located on top of the Gianicolo hill, the University offers 10 bachelor degrees, three master degrees, and a plethora of minors. The diverse student body and exceptional location provide an incredible experience and a great learning experience, while boasting the city of Rome as classroom.

Temple University, Rome Campus

RomeCampus Temple University

Temple’s Rome Campus offers study abroad experiences, entry-year programs, and programs for adult scholars and returning students. Since 1966, the campus has been hosted in Villa Caproni, a historic building on the Tiber river banks. In addition to classes, Temple aims to advance experiential learning around the city, providing numerous experiences for students and visiting scholars alike.

Loyola University, John Felice Center

Loyola Rome Center

At Loyola University, Chicago’s John Felice Rome Center students can choose from 60 undergraduate courses and will live in a closely-knit community of students and professors in the Balduina neighborhood of the city. Classes take part during four days of the week, and students can choose to travel around Europe or Italy during the weekend. The center offers numerous tours for students during the semester, all in the spirit of a liberal arts curriculum.

Catholic University of America, Rome Center

The Catholic University of Rome

Situated on the Gianicolo hill, the Roman Center of the Catholic University of America offers few, yet tailored courses in various subjects, including Italian studies. The location is perfect for rekindling not only with the University’s roots–since Rome is the catholic capital of the world–but the religious culture at large. Here, classes are organized so that students will not only have Rome as a backdrop to their studies, but as a classroom and learning environment.

IES Abroad

Ies Abroad

Standing for Institute for the International Education of Students, IES aims to offer various opportunities for students interested in studying in Rome for different lengths of time. Keeping the idea of educating global citizens, the institute collaborates with various universities and campuses around the city, offering various types of programs.

CIS Abroad

Cis Abroad

CIS Abroad is another student service provider interested in promoting global awareness, organizing study abroad and internship experiences in Rome. CIS takes care of everything for its students, and partners with numerous educational bodies in the city to offer some of the best overseas experiences for students.

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