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The Best International Restaurants in Rome

I would walk around with an “I heart carbs” t-shirt on if it weren’t mortifying on a sartorial level, but we all need a bite of something different on occasion, and this can be disconcertingly hard to find in a city that reveres carbonara and espresso above all else. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite ethnic and international restaurants in Rome for those nights when you’re craving a little gastronomic change of pace.


korean restaurant romeKorean BBQ



Via Cremera, 21 (Pinciano)
Open daily, 12.30-2.30pm, 7-11pm



Insider Tip: this is the first Korean barbecue restaurant in Rome using oak coal. They offer genuine Korean dishes and techniques of preparation and cooking, which have ancient origins dating back more than 2000 years.

Must try: the spicy Pork Ribs and the beef pang.. ..double yum!

Indian Restaurants RomeIndian Restaurants

Krihsna 13

khrisna indian restaurant rome

Via Foscolo, 13 (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele)
Open daily, 12-3.30pm, 7pm-12am



Insider tip: be sure to mention if you like your food on the spicier side, because they will kick things up a notch to serve you indisputably Indian cuisine.

Must try: try the chicken madrasi, a spicy version of chicken marinated in a tomato sauce. They also prepare a perfect gulab jamun dessert (fried balls of dough in a light sugary syrup).


Indian Affair

indian affair restaurant rome

Via Palermo, 6 (Monti)
Open daily, 12.30-3.30pm, 6.30-11.30pm


Insider tip: Indian Affairs has limited amount of outdoor seating, so call ahead and reserve your table to ensure an outdoor spot.

Must try: the vegetarian offerings are out of this world. Be sure to try the saag paneer (spinach and cheese) dish.



The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via S. Francesco Ripa, 56 (Trastevere)
Tues-Sun 12-3pm, 7pm-12am (Closed Monday)



Insider tip: This is a good spot to go with a group – portions are big and the restaurant is spacious.

Must try:  Jaipur Special Murgh, Naan, Butter chicken, Samosas,  Sweet Mango Lassi if you want a non-alcoholic beverage



The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Cerveteri, 25/27 (San Giovanni)
Open daily, 10am-3pm, 6pm-12am




Insider tip: to approach this meal traditionally, you should get a bit of everything. Don’t forget to order naan bread & jasmine rice along with your main course!

Must try: tf you enjoy something unique with a kick, try the Lamb Masala! It’s spicy & delicious!

Thai Restaurants RomeThai Restaurants


sukhothai: thai restaurant in romeVia Quirino Majorana 197/199 (from mid Dicembre)
Mon & Wed-Sun 12.30-3pm, 7.30-11pm (closed Tues)


Insider Tip: the coconut curry soups are delicious and you can enjoy your meal with a refreshing Singha beer for a complete, authentic experience.

Must try: Tom Yam Gai soup, Panang Curry, Pad Thai

Japanese Restaurants RomeJapanese Restaurants


hamasei japanese restaurant rome

Via della Mercede, 35-36 (Spagna)
Tues-Sun, 12pm-3pm, 7.30pm-11pm (closed Monday)

Insider Tip: established in 1974 Hamasei offers traditional Japanese cuisine. Expect only authentic Tempura and the finest of raw fish cuts. The ambience is inviting, comfortable and a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome while still a few blocks from the Spanish Steps.

Must try: tempura morikomi and the hiyashi cia soba are both a grand experience



sushisen japanese restaurant rome

Via Giuseppe Giulietti, 21 (Piramide)
Tues-Sun, 12.30-2.30, 7.30-11pm


Insider tip: book your reservation in advance! This place fills up fast, and you’ll want a chance to sit near the conveyer belt of sushi & fried appetizers!

Must try: try The Boat! For 30 euros you get a large dish with a little bit of everything.


Le Asiatique

le asiatique fusion restaurant rome

Largo della Fontanella Borghese, 86/a (Spagna)
Mon, 6pm-12a; Tues-Sun, 12pm-12am


Insider tip: think Masterchef – where presentation is half the win. This place scores big with their dishes as they do with their display. The building (a maze of 6 floors) is a show on its own: art, lights, and lots of action. It’s upscale, get dressed up!

Must try: the oysters and seared duck breast.



The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via degli Scipioni, 243 (Prati)
Tues-Sun 1pm-2:30pm; 8pm-11pm (Monday closed)


Insider tip: try sitting at the long bar with the conveyer belt-it’s the best spot for people watching and grabbing fresh rolls as they come out.

Must try: if you’re hungry, get a “barca mista” i.e. a boat filled with sashimi, nighiri, uramaki and hosomaki.


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Chinese Restaurants RomeChinese Restaurants

Hang Zhou da Sonia

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Principe Eugenio, 82 (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele)
Open daily,  12-3pm; 7-11.30pm



Insider Tip: Hang Zhou da Sonia means business when it comes to Chinese cooking. As well as the extensive fixed menu, be sure to sample the daily specials handwritten on paper.

Must try: the steamed dumplings, and don’t miss the Sichuan style chicken if you’re drawn to spicy flavors.


Green T

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via del Piè di Marmo, 28 (Pantheon)
Mon-Sat, 12.30-3pm; 7.30-12am


Insider tip: Green T is a true Chinese experience for discerning critics. To complete your gastronomic experience, sample the fine selection of teas sure to cleanse the palate.

Must try: the vast selection of teas, and the main dishes with duck are delectable. Also be sure to sample the dumplings which come either steamed, salted, or fried.

brazilian fusion restaurant rome Brazilian Fusion Restaurants

Samba Maki

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Viale Regina Margerita (Nomentana)
Via Vittoria Colonna, 17 (Prati)
Mon-Sun 12-3:30pm 7:30-12pm

Insider tips: hopping, but cozy at the same time, Sambamaki has the freshest fish in town- and the ipad menu give you a sneak peak of the colorful rolls before you order.

Must try: everything, but especially: the tartare, flaming gunkan, saudade roll and one of their special sake cocktails- they’re out of this world.



The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via dei Serpenti, 16 (Monti)
Borgo Angelico, 30 (Borgo)
Mon-Sun, 12.30-3.30pm, 7pm-12am


Insider tips: Temakinho is as much of a restaurant as it is a major Roman hotspot. Dress to impress and book in advance.

Must try: the tartare de salmao gostoso is fresh and full of flavor, and don’t miss the pineapple mint caipirinha.


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vietnamese restaurant rome Vietnamese Restaurants


The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Enea, 56/A (Furio Camillo)
Mon & Wed–Sun 12-3pm, 6pm-12am (closed Tues)



Insider Tips: they have an extensive menu at dinner but you should definitely try the lunch menu for only €10 (available Mon-Sat) where you can pick from a vegetarian, fish or meat option.

What to eat: the rice rolls are a must try! Cover them with their delicious vegetarian sauce!

malaysian_restaurant_rome Malaysian Restaurants

Court Delicati

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Viale Aventino, 41 (Circo Massimo)
Tues-Sun 12-3pm, 7.30-11pm (Closed Monday)


Insider tip: This Malaysian, Thai, and Chinese fusion restaurant is full of authentic flavors and equally filled with customers! Book a table in advance for a guaranteed table!

Must try: With all of the variety, it’s difficult to choose. You can’t go wrong with chicken Satay, beef coconut curry, or steamed orata.

Mexican Restaurants RomeMexican Restaurants


Maybu Margaritas y Burritos

Maybu Margaritas y BurritoVia Candia, 113 (Prati/ vaticano)
Tue-Sun 11am-11pm (closed Monday)

Insider tip: The idea is simple: a gourmet fast food burrito and nacho place with the freshest ingredients out there! And apart from beer, water and soft drinks, order their spectacular frozen margarita coming in two flavors – mango and lime – to travel back to Central America!

Must try: burrito with chili con carne or nachos maybu


La Cucaracha

The Best International Restaurants in Rome
Via Mocenigo, 10a (Prati/ vaticano)
Mon-Sat 6pm-12am (closed Sunday)


Insider tip: don’t miss their live mariachi music nights. They also offer catering so you can have your Mexican fiesta a casa.

Must try: the fajitas, guacamole, and margaritas are obviously a must, but if you’re serious about your margaritas, ask them to add salt.


La Punta Expendio de Agave

Agaveria La Punta Rome

Via di Santa Cecilia, 8 (Trastevere)
Mon-Sat, 7pm-2am (closed Sunday)


Insider Tip: here you’ll find the experts in the beverage department. Go slow! This is as much of a bartender’s destination as it is an intelligent consumer’s. And everything pairs well with a taco or one of their speciality small plates.

Must try: Obviously their Mezcal, and don’t leave without their mole!

Syria Restaurant Rome / Kebab in RomeMiddle Eastern

Ali Babà Kebab

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Carroceto, 96 (Quadraro)
Mon- Thu 10am-3am, Fri-Sun 10am-4am



Insider tip: At Ali Baba you can choose to enjoy a kebab of lamb or chicken – but Ali Baba also allows you to mix both together for extra goodness!

Must try: The Kebab, of course! But also save room for some traditional appetizers and desserts.


Mezè Bistrot

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via di Monteverde, 9b (Monteverde)
Mon – Fri 6.30-11pm, Sat-Sun 12.30-2.30pm, 6.30-11.30pm


Insider Tip: To sample smaller servings of this delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, head to Mezè at 6:30 to enjoy their aperitivo.

Must try: Houmous, babaganoush, Taboulé, labane con zahatar and shish kebab.

Greek Restaurants RomeGreek Restaurants


ilios greek restaurant rome

Via Gaspare Gozzi, 93 (Ostiense)
Mon-Fri, 12pm- 12am, Sat, 12pm-3pm, 6.30pm-12am


Insider tips: who doesn’t enjoy mixing up the Med? Illios goes well beyond Italy and the cultural experience is always better via cibo. From their homemade Greek yogurt sauces, the pita, the lamb, the kalamatas atop consider yourself well fed here.

Must try: their fabulous moussakas and for dessert, yogurt topped with honey and nuts.



The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via dei Salumi, 2 (Trastevere)
Open daily, 8pm-1am


Insider tips: this is a cultural association, which means you’ll get a member’s card, it also means they will be music and dancing- lots of dancing.

Must try: dolmades, taziki, pita bread, top it off with an ouzo shot

French_restaurant_romeFrench Restaurants

Le Carré Francais

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Vittoria Colonna, 30
Mon – Sun 8am – 10pm


Insider Tip: the restaurant doubles as a gourmet grocery store, so you can pick up some French delicacies ( Foie Gras, baguettes, pain au chocolat etc.) after you dine.

Must Try: the Croque-Monsieur is delicieux, the tartare di manzo with a glass of french red wine is parfait.

american restaurant romeAmerican Barbecue

Mr. Doyle

The Best International Restaurants in Rome

Via Massaciucoli, 66 (Quartiere Africano)
Mon-Sun 6:30pm-til late


Insider tip: ask them to recommend the right beer for your meal, and check out their beer and whiskey tasting classes!

Must try: pulled pork or something with their authentic barbecue sauce, artisanal beer and cheesecake.


AUTHOR NOTE: Special thank you to the following writers who contributed reviews: Angela Gleason, Sara White, Ivan Marra, Livia Hengel, Hannah Trice, April Putnam, Rasa Makaraityte, Margaux MacNeil and Lachlan Probyn.

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  • My favourite Indian place would have to be Indian Fast Food close to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Cheap and cheerful but very authentic. I haven’t been to Jaipur, I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the list 🙂

    • Thank you Catherine! I’ll have to try the place near piazza Vittorio Emanuele as well! What is it called?

    • The best Kebab in Rome? we find it!! at Happy Kebab in Via Pineta Sacchetti, really good!!!!!
      Flavia , please don’t forget the peruvian gastronomy 🙂

      • Hi Wendy, thank you for the suggestion! We will be sure to include Peruvian gastronomy in our next go-round of restaurants, I hear there is a delicious restaurant near San Giovanni! Any recommendations?

  • I always question the definition of “ethnic”; does French or Milanese cooking count or does it have to be “the developing world”?? Anyway, I agree with Marty Sukhothai is good (althoug I go more frequently to the place around the corner on Via Villa Pamphilj, no idea what it’s called but it has decent food really cheap. I had dinner there the other day for about €10!
    And my friend Katie swears by Mesob on Via Prenestina as best Ethiopan place in Rome, though I still haven’t eaten there.

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Tom! Will definitely have to try these places, I’ve been told Mesob is great. The definition of ethnic is also definitely ambiguous, I personally consider ethnic food as being any food directly related to any ethnicity – I’d count French food, but Milanese I’d consider more regional. That’s just my interpretation, though!

  • Great list. Although i wouldn’t recommend Ouzi or Banana Trash. Take Giapponese and Rokoko are fantastic and Coffee Pot is interesting with its jap / mex fusion (although the cloud is a little pretentious).
    Love Sambamaki, Temakinho and Jaipur and will def check out Galbi.

  • For some great falafel and shawarma (and cafeteria style arabic food) Shawarma Station in Via Merulana is excellent.

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