5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Although the traditional Italian dining culture might reject the idea of eating a gastronomic masterpiece while sitting in pajamas in front of the TV, this hasn’t stopped several delivery services from seeing Italy as an interesting market for business. In a city full of pizza lovers, with an increasing fondness for international cuisine, competition is growing among delivery services as they compete for the fastest delivery time, highest quality and best presentation.




5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome
Founded in London in 2013, this delivery service recently expanded to Rome after its success in Milan. The mission behind Deliveroo is revealed in the root of its name, to be like a kangaroo. Because these animals are known for closely protecting their young, Deliveroo wants to emulate the kangaroo by taking special care of your food and dining experience. To use Deliveroo, simply log on to their website (or download their app) and enter your postal code to find out which local restaurants deliver to your area, which can range from neighborhood trattorias to larger chain restaurants. For orders over €15, there is a € 2.50 delivery fee. Orders can be placed for under €15, but in this case there is a €2 surcharge.

Delivery daily,  12pm-11.30pm


5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Like Deliveroo, JustEat also has headquarters in London with branches in 13 other countries, serving over 100 types of cuisine. The menus vary based on each country. In Italy, the main categories are pizza, sushi, Chinese, hamburgers, Mexican and kebabs. Orders can be made online, 24 hours a day by typing in your zip code. With Just Eat, customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal. The service can also be found in other Italian cities such as Palermo, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Padua, Parma and Ferrara.

Delivery 24/7 


5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Foodora was launched in Berlin in 2014 with the idea of providing customers home orders from high quality restaurants that normally don’t deliver. Initially the service started out in Milan and Turin in 2015, and has recently expanded to Rome and Florence. The delivery crew is easily identifiable on bike, carrying a thermal pink box. They are focused on punctuality, maintaining an average delivery time of 30 minutes. In Rome they are currently concentrated in the center of the city and in neighborhoods such as Prati, Flaminio and Parioli with plans to keep expanding. The minimum price of an order is €12.90 with a fixed delivery price of € 2.90.

Delivery 24/7





5 Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Le Panier, started by Tommaso De Sanctis and Giovanna de Giglio, is a delivery service that brings pre-ordered breakfast items to your doorstep. Food can be ordered until 12am of the day before delivery or from 8am to 12pm of the same day. The service hour begins at 8am and continues at different time slots of 30 minutes until 12pm. They offer an a la carte menu which offers single items like yogurts, cereals, fruit, smoothies, salads and drinks as well as a second, “special menu” with combined options that they have created to suit a particular theme such as “The Hangover Menu.” At the moment, Le Panier delivers to Rome’s homestays, bed & breakfasts, offices and individual customers in
Borgo Pio, Monti, Ghetto, Trastevere and Prati, with plans to cover all of Rome.

Delivery available daily, 8am–12noon. 
Phone: +39 393.8327023





UBKitchen is a catering company created for those who want to eat clean and train mean. The company is the brainchild of Nadir Scelsi who combined his love of sports and good food to create a service that prepares healthy, balanced meals and delivers them to gyms and to your doorstep. While their service was created by athletes and for athletes, it’s also meant for those who are simply tired of eating heavy, caloric meals.

The menu offers a variety of meal prep dishes that you can order the day before. A popular favorite is “The Green Sea,” a dish with mackerel, chicory and green beans with a whopping protein count of 39 grams and only 594 calories. They also offer a vegetarian menu. Any orders made from certain gyms and fitness centers (including CrossFit) are discounted by 15%. Orders can be made before 5pm the day before the delivery date.

Delivery to affiliate points Mon-Fri, 11am-1.30pm
Home delivery Sun-Wed, 6pm-9pm except Saturdays.
E-mail: info@ubkitchen.com

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