Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Order food delivery and takeaway from restaurants in Rome

Although the traditional Italian dining culture might reject the idea of eating a gastronomic masterpiece while sitting in pajamas in front of the TV, this hasn’t stopped several delivery services from seeing Italy as an interesting market for business. In a city full of pizza lovers, with an increasing fondness for international cuisine, competition is growing among delivery services as they compete for the fastest delivery time, highest quality and best presentation.

Best restaurants for food delivery and take-out in Rome

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome


This restaurant and bakery with a north European flair is the perfect place to order yogurt and granola, cinnamon swirls, scones, avocado on rye, poached eggs and more made with the freshest ingredients. They deliver food on Fridays and Saturday for dinner only between 7pm and 9pm. To place your order just go on their website.

Santo Palato


If you’re craving a Roman classic with a twist, Santo Palato is the one to order from. On their Facebook page you can find their menu, available for lunch and dinner. Order by calling them at 0677207354 or go on Uber Eats and! They’ve extended their deliveries to all of Rome!

Le Mani in Pasta 

 3516661634 (Patrizio) / 3496135219 (Alessandro)

Mercato Testaccio’s Box n. 58 is regularly open with its fresh pasta and gastronomy dishes. But you can now get them directly at home, too! Contact the number above for more information, the minimum order is €20. You can also find them on UberEats and Just Eat.

Treefolk’s Public House


Treefolk’s takes the term gastropub to a whole new level. From the chicken alla cacciatora pie to the maritozzo alla picchiapò, you’ll find all of those traditional comfort foods with an Italian twist. Takeaway and food delivery are available daily from 6pm. Takeaway is available till 9pm while food delivery till 12am. You can order by messaging them on Messanger or by sending them a WhatsApp message on 3401123341.



This restaurant in Prati offers traditional dishes with a twist based on Chef Venuti’s experience (he worked at Heinz Beck’s La Pergola and Cannavacciuolo’s Villa Crespi before opening his restaurant). The takeaway and delivery menu is short and sweet, from the fassona tartare with hazelnut mayo and chips to the tonnarelli all’amatriciana. The menu also includes the possibility to order boxes for 4 people. Available from Tuesday to Sunday by calling 0669401146 or by ordering on Glovo or Just Eat.

Romeow Cat Bitstrot

From Friday to Sunday Romeow Cat Bistrot’s vegan menu is also available for delivery. Remember to place your order by 7.30pm by heading directly on their website or by calling 0657289203.

Cus Cus

If you want to taste the best cous cous in town you need to order from this restaurant. They cook the famous Arabic dish imported to Sicily according to the ancient Sicilian recipe, combined with 6 different sauces (meat/fish/vegetables). Delivery is available Monday to Saturday by placing your order by 6pm if you’re within a 1km radius of the restaurant by calling 06 9799 7519 or 3493603694. Orders of €20 or less have a €2.50 delivery cost, orders higher than €20 have free delivery.

Dao Restaurant

If you feel like high-quality Chinese food, Dao is the answer. Delivery is available daily from 6pm to 10.30pm by calling 0687197573. The menu is available online but keep in mind that there’s a 10% increase in the prices for food delivery. Orders can be delivered if you’re within a 5km radius of the restaurant, for orders that are over €70, delivery is free of charge. While if you want to go for take-out, you’ll have a 10% discount from the online menu (the discount isn’t valid for the tasting menu “Sguardo al Passato” and for the mixed dumplings menu). 

Livello 1


Want to order some fresh seafood delicacies? From seafood cous cous and pasta dishes to yummy salmon and fried calamari, Livello 1 allows you to order fresh seafood dishes based on the catch of the day. To place your order call 065033999 or 065037472. Orders are available for delivery and takeaway for lunch from 11am to 2pm (Tues – Sun) and for dinner from 6pm to 9pm (Tues – Sat).

Bucavino Osteria

The Roman restaurant in Via Po captained by brothers Andrea and Francesca Romana Palmieri is available for takeaway and delivery. Orders must be placed by 6.30pm and deliveries will be made within 1 km of the restaurant. Orders equal to or less than €20 euros have a delivery cost of €2.50. Free delivery for orders over €20 euros. Call 06841280 to place an order.

Queen Makeda Grand Pub


You can enjoy Queen Makeda’s international menu and craft beers directly at home by using their food delivery and takeaway service. Their Smart Worker Menu is available for takeaway and delivery from Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm. For deliveries in nearby areas (Monteverde, Testaccio, centro storico, San Giovanni, Appio Latino, Eur and Aventine) you may order directly by calling 065759608 or sending a WhatsApp to 3491245080. For orders in other areas of Rome, you can use Just eat, Foodies or Deliveroo.

Al Biondo Tevere


This historic Roman trattoria opened back in 1915 offers both takeaway and delivery of its simple yet delicious dishes. Delivery and takeaway service start at 6.30pm every day and delivery is free of charge. To place an order call 065741172 0r 3389056462.


Enjoy Duke’s famous international cocktails and food right at home. This is the perfect restaurant to order from if you want to have aperitivo at home, dinner or brunch (on weekends). They have their own delivery service which operates in distinct areas in Rome, but if your area isn’t included on the website give them a call to double-check. Place your order online and choose which time range you’d like to receive it. We recommend ordering their cocktails, angus tartare and footloose.

Porto Fluviale

Porto Fluviale cooks up anything you can think of: from street food to pizzas. Their take-out (which has a 10% discount) and delivery menu are available daily from 7pm till 10pm. Just go on their website to check out the menu and place your order by calling 065743199.



In the heart of Trastevere, right on Piazza Trilussa, you’ll find Caramella and its typical Roman cuisine, pizzas and cocktails (by Freni e Frizioni). You can order take-out by calling 065803889 or have your food and drinks delivered by ordering through Deliveroo.

Rose Tartare Bar


If you’re craving some fresh and delicious tartares, this is the place to order them. From the seabream tartare to the angus truffle tartare (and even a vegan tartare), there’s plenty to choose from. They deliver all over Rome. There’s a minimum order of €35. Remember to place your order by 5pm by calling 3492193487.

Vinea Montesacro

This gourmet restaurant in the Montesacro neighborhood has a great takeaway and delivery menu to enjoy yummy Italian cuisine and cocktails. Head to their website for the full menu and place your order by calling 3493379204. Available daily from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and from 7pm till 10pm for takeaway and delivery. Soon available on Glovo, too.

Rosso Eat Drink Stay

In the Aventine neighborhood, Rosso is the perfect place from breakfast to lunch. Their genuine and simple flavors are the key to their success: from the burgers and poke bowls to the pizzas and desserts. Just head on over to their website to order take-out or to have your food delivered directly at home.

Tyler Ponte Milvio


This famed burger and bao restaurant in Ponte Milvio offers takeaway and all-day delivery from 12pm to 11:50pm. You can find them online on Just Eat and Glovo, or you can call or text them on WhatsApp at 3923794887 to place your order.

Healthy Color

Eating healthy is the new cool. After immense popularity in Milan, Healthy Color arrived in Rome too. If you feel like a colorful poke, a bao burger (or two!), a wrap, a tartare, a salad, a soup or much more, this is the place for you. Every dish can be fish-based or meat-based or vegetarian. The menu also includes healthy desserts, like pancakes, ice creams, smoothies and more. It’s very conscious of the environment, all their containers are recyclable. 

Best pizzerias for food delivery and take-out in Rome

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Antico Forno Roscioli

Order yourself one of the best pizzas and bread in Rome from Antico Forno Roscioli. Food is delivered every day except Sundays. The minimum order is of €30 and delivery is free and you can pay via cash or card. You must order by 12pm by calling 066864045 or sending a WhatsApp message to 3516439958. You may also order directly from Cosa Porto.


Order amazing pizza with dozens of naturally leavened breads, pizzette but also sweet treats from Gabriele Bonci, the vivacious chef who has been called the king of pizza al taglio! You can order his delicious pizzas, supplìs and bignes of San Giuseppe through their delivery services for the Roma Nord area. If you’re in other areas in Rome, order from Cosa Porto or Magiordomus.


There are few places that offer the quality products that Eataly does! Lucky for us they deliver right at your doorstep on a daily basis. Order anything from Eataly’s amazing pizza (on Deliveroo) to buffalo mozzarella! Just go on their website, shop and let them deliver it to you home.

Proloco Trastevere

Proloco Trastevere’s menu is a triumph of dishes from Rome and the Lazio region. But their takeaway and food menu focuses on pizza and fried antipasti. You can order from 6pm till 11pm directly on their website or by calling 0645596137 if you live within a 3km radius from the restaurant. Otherwise order from Foodys or Deliveroo.

La Gatta Mangiona


This pizzeria serves gourmet versions of Italy’s famous pizza. Seasonal and high-quality toppings, special flours, and a longer fermentation process make this pizzeria one of the best in town. You can order their pizza for delivery by using Glovo. Takeaway is also available.

Tree Too


Pizza reigns at TreeToo, with classic and creative toppings and different types of pizza doughs with great quality and easily digestible! Definitely try the hemp flour amatriciana pizza! Delivery, takeaway and drive through are available from Wednesday to Sunday from 6.30pm to 10pm. You can place your order by calling 0652723038 or 3355875245, on their app or by using delivery service companies.

Sant’Isidoro Pizza e Bolle

This trendy pizzeria in the Prati district offers a cool new concept in a minimal setting: pizza and sparkling wine. The pizza is exceptional, with twists on classics and completely new creative recipes. Delivery is available on Uber Eats and Deliveroo but if you prefer, you can also go for take-out.


A mash-up of a tramezzino sandwich and a slice of pizza, the trapizzino is a triangular pocket of expertly baked pizza dough stuffed with the fillings of your choice. Call 01118755933 to have the trapizzino of your choice delivered at home. Also available on Just Eat and Glovo.

Pizzeria ai Marmi


Commonly praised for its supplì and fried zucchini flowers, as well as its efficiently prepared pizzas, you will never leave Ai Marmi feeling hungry or unsatisfied. You can have their pizzas and fried antipasti delivered at your doorstep by ordering through Glovo or you can stop by for take-out starting from 6pm.

Dar Poeta


Order the wide selection of Dar Poeta’s doughy pizzas and range of delicious bruschette and have them delivered at home from 12pm till 11pm daily by placing your order on Glovo and Deliveroo. Otherwise call them to order take-out.

Ivo a Trastevere

Ivo’s pizzas are well-known for their perfect Roman crunch, “scrocchio”. Their pizzas are available for delivery by ordering from Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat, or for take-out by calling them at 065817082.

Pizzeria Formula 1


Since 1978 their wood-burning oven has been making thin Roman-style pizzas, supplì and fried antipasti. You can now order their delicious food directly at home by placing an order on Glovo or by ordering take-out from 7pm to 10pm by calling 064453866.

Alle Carrette


If you need to fulfil that pizza craving, Alle Carrette’s delicious thin-crust pizza cooked in a wooden oven and fried antipasti are available for delivery and takeaway every day. Just call 066792770 to place your order.

La Pratolina


If you’re craving a Roman pinsa, search no more. In addition to being available for delivery through Deliveroo, Just Eat and Glovo, la Pratolina is also open for takeaway.

Restaurants and bars only available for take-out in Rome

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Osteria Fratelli Mori

Osteria Fratelli Mori’s famous Roman cuisine is available for takeaway every day from 12.30pm till 3pm. You can check out the menu directly on their website. We absolutely recommend the Carbonara, which was just voted as one of the best carbonaras in Rome according to Gambero Rosso!

180g Pizzeria


If you’re looking for a modern and gourmand take on Roman pizza, 180g is your place (and don’t forget to try their fried Sampietrini). They offer takeaway from Wednesday to Sunday on Via Tor de Schiavi, 53 in the Centocelle neighbourhood. Call 391144657 from 4pm to place your takeaway order.



This restaurant in Campo de’ Fiori is offering a 30% discount on its menu and wine list for takeaway. Orders must be placed from 9.30am to 3.30pm by calling 066871626 or 3391416230.

Aqualunae Bistrot 


In the Prati neighbourhood, Acqualunae stands out as a unique reality. They remix Italian regional food with international cuisine, finding the perfect harmony. Order from their variety of breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner boxes: from the “Colazione all’italiana” box to the “vitality” box, from the box “pinsa” to the box “primo”, from the box “secondo” to the box “degustazione”. Take-out is available by calling them at 0631076456.



If you’re a wine aficionado, Fafiuchè in the Monti neighbourhood is renowned for its stellar wine selections. The owners are from Piedmont and Puglia, and have a wine selection that boasts  600 wine labels and 60 homemade Italian beers. It’s the perfect place to stop by to purchase a great bottle of wine. Stop by from 12.30pm to get your wine bottle to take away.

La Torricella


This wonderful trattoria and seafood restaurant in the Testaccio neighbourhood offers takeaway service every day from 7.30pm to 10pm. Just call to place your order.

Osteria da Zi Umberto


This osteria in the Trastevere neighbourhood is a great find for Roman cuisine. From Tuesday to Sunday takeaway is available for lunch and dinner by calling them at 065816646.

Fil Restaurant Roma


This restaurant with a focus on seafood is available for take-out every day from 6pm. Just call 062260877 to place your order.

Pizzeria da Baffetto


The famed pizzeria on Via del Governo Vecchio is now available for take-out from Friday to Sunday from 6pm.

Checchino dal 1887

A selection of their wines and liquors are available for take-out every day. Just drop by from 12.30pm to 6pm Wednesday to Monday or from 12.30pm to 4pm on Tuesdays. Call 3335855055 or 3389449982 to place your order or for more information. Check out their website to see the full selection.

The best food delivery services in Rome


Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome
Founded in London in 2013, this delivery service expanded to Rome after its success in Milan. The mission behind Deliveroo is revealed in the root of its name, to be like a kangaroo. Because these animals are known for closely protecting their young, Deliveroo wants to emulate the kangaroo by taking special care of your food and dining experience. To use Deliveroo, simply log on to their website (or download their app) and enter your postal code to find out which local restaurants deliver to your area, which can range from neighborhood trattorias to larger chain restaurants. For orders over €15, there is a € 2.50 delivery fee. Orders can be placed for under €15, but in this case there is a €2 surcharge. Among the best restaurants to order from in Rome you’ll find Maybu, Giangusto, Ramen Bar Akira, Hopside, Fonzie’s Burgers, L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo, Blackmarket Hall, La Gourmandise and Avocado Bar.

Delivery daily,  12pm-11.30pm

Just Eat

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Like Deliveroo, JustEat also has headquarters in London with branches in 13 other countries, serving over 100 types of cuisine. The menus vary based on each country. In Italy, the main categories are pizza, sushi, Chinese, hamburgers, Mexican and kebabs. Orders can be made online, 24 hours a day by typing in your zip code. With Just Eat, customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal. The service can also be found in other Italian cities such as Palermo, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Padua, Parma and Ferrara. Among the best restaurants to order from in Rome you’ll find Neve di Latte, Alice Pizza, Le Poulet, Tree Too, Tyler Ponte Milvio, Ami Pokè, Temakinho, Coffee Pot Trastevere, I Supplì, Somo, Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo and Rec23.

Delivery 24/7


Glovo delivers anything you want in just minutes. Similarly to JustEat and Deliveroo, Glovo delivers food to your door from local restaurants, trattorias, and fast food joints. But, the international company also sends their “glovers” to pharmacies, coffee bars, and grocery stores like Carrefour and Simply. If you need a courier service, are stuck in bed needing some Advil, or want your cappuccino dropped off at home, Glovo is the company to use. To find stores around your area, open the Glovo app or website and type in your address. Choose from the eight different product categories, complete your order, and track your glover in real time. You can pay for Glovo services online with your credit or debit card, and remember that a small delivery fee will be added. For food orders, delivery fees vary by restaurant, and courier service fees are calculated after submitting the pick-up and drop-off locations. All orders can be submitted immediately or scheduled for a later time, and are recorded on your Glovo account. Among the best restaurants you can order from you’ll find Kilo, Flavio al Velavevodetto, Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Supplizio, Trattoria gli Amici, Porto Fish and Chips, Pico’s Taqueria, Domò and Fatamorgana.

Delivery 24/7


Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Cosaporto is a delivery service that brings you a selection of the top products from the best cities in Italy, with a focus on food and wine but also flowers and design. Cosaporto operates in Rome, Milan, Turin and London and they carefully select the best artisanal food and products in the city. From Antico Forno Roscioli to Panificio Bonci, from Ercoli dal 1928 to Zum Tiramisù, and Ristorante L’Arcangelo to you’ll have some of Rome’s best foods delivered right at home. Gelato lovers, among the gelaterias you can order from you’ll find Otaleg, Gelato San Lorenzo, La Gourmandise and Gunther. Not to mention the delicious chocolates, baked goods and pastries from SAID, Le Levain, Bompiani and so much more! If quality is what you’re looking for, Cosaporto is it!

Delivery 9am – 10pm

Uber Eats

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Uber Eats is Uber’s food delivery service that allows you to order great food from local restaurants around you. You can order from the full menus of the restaurants they collaborate with. Order anything you’d like for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time and monitor the status of your order on the app.  Among the best restaurants you can order from you’ll find Salumeria Roscioli, Retrobottega, Santo Palato, Maybu, Le Mani in Pasta and Burger King.

Delivery 24/7


Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Maybe you don’t have time to buy fresh seasonal produce at the nearest food market and always end up buying all your groceries at your alimentari or supermarket. That’s where Zolle comes to the rescue! Since 2008, Zolle brings you healthy, fresh and seasonal produce from small, local and family-run farms right at your doorstep. Zolle is a food delivery service that delivers food that’s healthy for those who eat them and for those who produce them. You can receive the best produce on a weekly basis and finally cook and eat the best possible ingredients! Just sign up to the website, choose your Zolla based on your food habits (vegetarian, vegan, meat lover, seafood lover, not a good cook etc), and decide how many times per week you’d like to receive your Zolla. They will then contact you to discuss the best possible option for you and it will be delivered!. You can also shop online at “Lo Spaccio” an online food market that operates three times per week!

Delivery 12pm – 8pm

Too Good To Go

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Too Good To Go is the famous app launched in Denmark that allows you to purchase food from eateries that hasn’t been sold, preventing it from being wasted and thrown away.  The great news is that it’s also available in Italy! You know what that means, right? You get to purchase top quality food at a super discounted price, while at the same time doing something good for the planet. To think that every year, just in Italy, 20 million tons of food is thrown away, that’s 15 billion euros annually. I’ll let that sink in for a minute… With Too Good To Go, restaurants, grocery stores and eateries can become partners and sell their unsold food preventing food waste. Some of the chains and restaurants that have partnered up with Too Good To Go are Eataly, Carrefour Italia, Gianfornaio, Alice Pizza, Mercato Testaccio and many others. Just download the app, see what Magic boxes are available and purchase them from €2 to €6, then go pick up your Magic Box. Every Magic Box purchased prevents the emission of 2kg of Co2.


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