Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Order food delivery and takeaway from restaurants in Rome

Although the traditional Italian dining culture might reject the idea of eating a gastronomic masterpiece while sitting in pajamas in front of the TV, this hasn’t stopped several delivery services from seeing Italy as an interesting market for business. In a city full of pizza lovers, with an increasing fondness for international cuisine, competition is growing among delivery services as they compete for the fastest delivery time, highest quality and best presentation.

Hello Fresh

hello fresh

HelloFresh is the world leader for meal delivery kits with over 7 million active customers nationwide and, after a long experience in other markets, has finally arrived in Italy. The service includes home delivery of a box with fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards to cook tasty dishes step by step. An extensive variety of recipes are available, in both vegetarian and standard diet, ensuring that you never eat the same meal twice! 

HelloFresh is built on a foundation of seasonal ingredients and local products. Each week, the customer selects recipes from a menu crafted and approved by a team of local chefs.. Traditional regional dishes, Italian cuisine, or international classics… the choice is yours to make! HelloFresh is a zero-obligation subscription service that adapts perfectly to each person’s routine and can be paused or canceled when you want with a simple click and at no additional cost.

Click the link below to receive 40€ off on the first three boxes.



Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Founded in London in 2013, this delivery service expanded to Rome after its success in Milan. The mission behind Deliveroo is revealed in the root of its name, to be like a kangaroo. Because these animals are known for closely protecting their young, Deliveroo wants to emulate the kangaroo by taking special care of your food and dining experience. To use Deliveroo, simply log on to their website (or download their app) and enter your postal code to find out which local restaurants deliver to your area, which can range from neighborhood trattorias to larger chain restaurants. For orders over €15, there is a € 2.50 delivery fee. Orders can be placed for under €15, but in this case there is a €2 surcharge. Among the best restaurants to order from in Rome you’ll find Maybu, Giangusto, Ramen Bar Akira, Hopside, Fonzie’s Burgers, L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo, Blackmarket Hall, La Gourmandise and Avocado Bar.

Delivery daily,  12pm-11.30pm

Just Eat

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Like Deliveroo, JustEat also has headquarters in London with branches in 13 other countries, serving over 100 types of cuisine. The menus vary based on each country. In Italy, the main categories are pizza, sushi, Chinese, hamburgers, Mexican and kebabs. Orders can be made online, 24 hours a day by typing in your zip code. With Just Eat, customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal. The service can also be found in other Italian cities such as Palermo, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Padua, Parma and Ferrara. Among the best restaurants to order from in Rome you’ll find Neve di Latte, Alice Pizza, Le Poulet, Tree Too, Tyler Ponte Milvio, Ami Pokè, Temakinho, Coffee Pot Trastevere, I Supplì, Somo, Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo and Rec23.

Delivery 24/7


Glovo delivers anything you want in just minutes. Similarly to JustEat and Deliveroo, Glovo delivers food to your door from local restaurants, trattorias, and fast food joints. But, the international company also sends their “glovers” to pharmacies, coffee bars, and grocery stores like Carrefour and Simply. If you need a courier service, are stuck in bed needing some Advil, or want your cappuccino dropped off at home, Glovo is the company to use. To find stores around your area, open the Glovo app or website and type in your address. Choose from the eight different product categories, complete your order, and track your glover in real time. You can pay for Glovo services online with your credit or debit card, and remember that a small delivery fee will be added. For food orders, delivery fees vary by restaurant, and courier service fees are calculated after submitting the pick-up and drop-off locations. All orders can be submitted immediately or scheduled for a later time, and are recorded on your Glovo account. Among the best restaurants you can order from you’ll find Kilo, Flavio al Velavevodetto, Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Supplizio, Trattoria gli Amici, Porto Fish and Chips, Pico’s Taqueria, Domò and Fatamorgana.

Delivery 24/7


Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Cosaporto is a delivery service that brings you a selection of the top products from the best cities in Italy, with a focus on food and wine but also flowers and design. Cosaporto operates in Rome, Milan, Turin and London and they carefully select the best artisanal food and products in the city. From Antico Forno Roscioli to Panificio Bonci, from Ercoli dal 1928 to Zum Tiramisù, and Ristorante L’Arcangelo to you’ll have some of Rome’s best foods delivered right at home. Gelato lovers, among the gelaterias you can order from you’ll find Otaleg, Gelato San Lorenzo, La Gourmandise and Gunther. Not to mention the delicious chocolates, baked goods and pastries from SAID, Le Levain, Bompiani and so much more! If quality is what you’re looking for, Cosaporto is it!

Delivery 9am – 10pm


Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Maybe you don’t have time to buy fresh seasonal produce at the nearest food market and always end up buying all your groceries at your alimentari or supermarket. That’s where Zolle comes to the rescue! Since 2008, Zolle brings you healthy, fresh and seasonal produce from small, local and family-run farms right at your doorstep. Zolle is a food delivery service that delivers food that’s healthy for those who eat them and for those who produce them. You can receive the best produce on a weekly basis and finally cook and eat the best possible ingredients! Just sign up to the website, choose your Zolla based on your food habits (vegetarian, vegan, meat lover, seafood lover, not a good cook etc), and decide how many times per week you’d like to receive your Zolla. They will then contact you to discuss the best possible option for you and it will be delivered!. You can also shop online at “Lo Spaccio” an online food market that operates three times per week!

Delivery 12pm – 8pm

Too Good To Go

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

Too Good To Go is the famous app launched in Denmark that allows you to purchase food from eateries that hasn’t been sold, preventing it from being wasted and thrown away.  The great news is that it’s also available in Italy! You know what that means, right? You get to purchase top quality food at a super discounted price, while at the same time doing something good for the planet. To think that every year, just in Italy, 20 million tons of food is thrown away, that’s 15 billion euros annually. I’ll let that sink in for a minute… With Too Good To Go, restaurants, grocery stores and eateries can become partners and sell their unsold food preventing food waste. Some of the chains and restaurants that have partnered up with Too Good To Go are Eataly, Carrefour Italia, Gianfornaio, Alice Pizza, Mercato Testaccio and many others. Just download the app, see what Magic boxes are available and purchase them from €2 to €6, then go pick up your Magic Box. Every Magic Box purchased prevents the emission of 2kg of Co2.


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