Spanish language courses in Rome

Spanish language courses in Rome

Learn Spanish with Rome’s Escuela de Español directed by Eva María Bilbao Barragán

Founded and directed by Eva María Bilbao Barragán, the Escuela de Español offers Spanish language courses in Rome, both for individuals and businesses. The Spanish School is known for offering a personalized experience to its students, you can opt for individual or group classes and focus on the aspect of the Spanish language that best suits your needs. There is no such thingsas “one size fits all” at the Escuela de Español, personalizing your Spanish course is at the core of their mission.

Adapting to the needs of each student allows for rapid progress. You can choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. The Spanish language program is developed according to your objectives in a coherent, realistic and efficient way. What about the costs? Individual lessons start at €20 per hour, groups of two pay €15 per person, groups of three pay €12 per person, up to €10 an hour for larger groups.


Spanish language courses in Rome

– Group lessons with the MCER program

These are classes composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people, in which all participants have a similar Spanish level. It’s ideal for those interested in learning Spanish through culture, history and the traditions of Spanish speaking countries. The MCER (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is a descriptive system recognized on an international level to evaluate the acquired language skills.

– Personalized group lessons

These are classes in which students have a common interest in the learning of Spanish. Groups are composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people. They’re ideal for groups of friends that have a common use and interest of the Spanish language.

– Personalized Individual lessons

Suggest what you’d like to learn and how much time you plan on dedicating yourself to learning Spanish and the Escuela de Español Eva will create a personalized program, with the necessary material to work independently and to complete your program. This program is ideal for those who want to learn Spanish rapidly or who want to focus in depth on a specific topic.

– Group conversation lessons

Lessons are composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people. The teacher and students suggest various topics and the most voted by the participants will be the group’s topic of discussion.

– Individual conversation lessons

Decide which topic you’d like to talk about and the teacher will correct your mistakes and clarify any doubts regarding grammar or other aspects. Please note this isn’t a grammar course and it’s recommended to people who’d like to improve their speaking skills on specific topics.

– Courses for businesses

The Escuela de Español also designs training programs to meet business needs. Ideal for companies who need greater flexibility in the program.


Spanish language courses in Rome

Personalizing your lessons to meet your needs and objectives is at the core of the teaching methods of Rome’s Escuela de Español . This method allows for students to enhance their communication skills and it favors auto correction with guidelines.



Capability to deal with daily social

Enhance student autonomy by promoting self-correction


Socializing with people who speak Spanish is the best way to learn a new language. That’s why the Escuela de Español organizes events to focus on specific grammar or cultural questions, including history, traditions, literatures, current events, and more topics related to Spanish speaking countries. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in:

    • Online conversation classes with Spanish native speakers, where you’ll debate a subject you’ve previously chosen.
  • Aperitivo and dinners to practices your Spanish in a natural and relaxing way where you’ll meet other Spanish speakers and culture lovers.
  • Cultural excursions in Rome where you’ll find out connections with Spain, discovering many things and curiosity.
  • Virtual visits to interesting places connected to Spanish culture and language


From online Spanish courses to a meeting place of your preference, from the school at Monterotondo or at home, Rome’s Escuela de Español is flexible in where you want to be taught Spanish. Via Vincenzo Federici, 10 – Monterotondo Roma Al home Online


+39 329 90 83 565

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