Allegrìo Cucina Italiana

Allegrio Roma

An eclectic, colorful dining experience in Rome.

Rome’s Via Vittorio Veneto is home to the stunning scene of beauty in food, decor, and atmosphere. Allegrío is not simply a restaurant, but an experience that must be had here in Rome.

Serving lunch and dinner, the restaurant permits an encounter with adventure simply whenever you choose to walk through the door. Depending on what mood you’re in that day, Allegrío provides an environment that welcomes all.

Are you feeling Intrepid, In Love, Joyful, or Lucky? The presence of four distinct rooms amplifies the restaurant’s rare charm. The four rooms, divided into Joyful, Lucky, Intrepid, and In Love, each have a different decor and ambience.

The Joyful room surrounds guests in a warm tropical experience, with vivid color. Bold and rich gold art with a velvet red mellowness describes the Lucky room. In Love, the room that is blooming with an airy freshness that embodies springtime and new beginnings. Lastly, a room with a wild and exotic color scheme, emphasizing exploration that inspires guests in the Intrepid room. 

Traditional Italian cuisine and Neapolitan pizza

The menu features traditional Italian cuisine, with many dishes specific to Rome: cacio e pepe, amatriciana, gricia and more… Also worth trying are the grilled beef Florentine steak and the tuna with caponata.

A little indulgence: the Carbonara My Way, served tableside, made with pasteurized eggs, finished with a flame, and garnished with 24k gold.

They also offer Neapolitan pizza, made with top-notch ingredients. The vibrant spirit of Naples is captured in these pizzas, providing an authentic culinary experience.

These dishes are accompanied by a stunning wine list and flavorful dessert options.

The immersive experience offered by Allegrío extends beyond the restaurant and cuisine; Allegrío also offers a selection of home decor and accessories, including jewelry and handbags.

Happy Birthday Allegrío

The establishment celebrated a year of being open to the public here in Rome, on the 30th of May. The celebration was bursting with passion with the incorporation of chefs Emmanuel Di Liddo & Ivano Veccia, Daniele Creti & Mario Di Costanzo, Ivano Veccia & Giovangiuseppe Aiello, all providing a delightful and flavorful eating experience.

Singer Maria Elena Infantino captivated the evening with performances of harmonious classics throughout the night. Leaving guests with not only full stomachs, but full hearts. 

An atmosphere that can only be described as Allegrío, or how we may understand it in English, cheerfulness. Laughter, fulfillment, radiance, life and above all else, love filled the room on the stunning May night. Allegrío’s event honoring its first year is only a glimpse at the joy they are sure to nurture in Rome’s upcoming future; serving as an astute and symbolic reminder of Italian tradition and above all else a homage to the vibrant, valorous history of Italy.

Via Vittorio Veneto 114

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat, from 12pm to 12.30am
Sun, from 10am to 12.30am


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