Masa Rooftop: a Mediterranean Food & Drink Journey in Rome

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Hotel Major’s rooftop newbie revisits traditional Italian aperitivo formula with a Middle Eastern twist

Experiencing summer nostalgia and holidays withdrawals? Good news, aperitif and rooftop drinks season is not over yet. Masa has everything to offer to cheer you up. Whether you are looking for a new romantic spot to impress your date with a mind-blowing view of Roman’s most ancient monuments (Basilica Santa Maggiore is a must try!) or simply in the mood to share refined Oriental finger food with your friends while sipping cocktails, sign up for your night! 

Sharing is caring? Certainly yes. At Masa, conviviality is the mantra. The concept is simple. Customers go on an innovative food trip together by tasting their Italian’s chef mezze selection. Directly inspired from Greek and Turkish food culture traditionsmezze are small bites designed as a mix of small and hot appetizers to be shared in pleasant company.  Combined together, they give you the opportunity to have a flavorful while diversified culinary experience. 

Tatma Negroni

Our MASA’s immersive culinary adventure

We arrived right on time for aperitivo o’clock (aperitivo is served from 6-8pm), got seated in the lounge area of the terrace to make the most of golden hour. The rooftop is divided in three living areas: the first part of the terrace, facing Santa Maria Maggiore, where you can enjoy drinks and dinner, a bar which seems straight out from a Wes Anderson movie, which puts you immediately in the mood to order funky cocktails and another dining section, more intimate, at the very end, offering as well a panoramic and unique view on the city


Oriental aperitivo 

We started the night with the chef’s special Mezè formula en guise d’appetizers, which consists in 4 small mezze platers, served with a cocktail or a glass of wine. Late for aperitivo time? Don’t fear to miss out, the mezzes are as well available on the regular menu if you are looking for a proper diner night. 

The chef’s “Masa Experience” is the perfect mise en bouche to discover Middle Eastern delicacies. Falafel and Hummus are always a right win. However, we were happily surprised by the twisted version of their ceviche and eggplant fried balls, served respectively with tahini sauce and homemade basil mayonnaise: A interesting and innovative blend between Mediterranean and Oriental flavors. Our tasting adventure was accompanied with some signature drinks whose names are directly derived from Greek, Turkish and Arabic cultures. The house’s special Tatma Negroni caught our attention. This cocktail is poured in three glasses, infused with coffee beans, almonds and Ras El Hanout: A sensory bomb.

Aperitivo is available from 6-8pm and is priced at 30€, which includes your choice of cocktails or wine along with a delicious mezè dish.


Mediterranean dinner 

After a pit stop in Orient, we pursued our initiatory journey with Mediterranean dishes and Southern Italian wines. 

During diner, the chef nicely surprised us with local entremets, such as homemade bread (the crust was top), served with high quality olive oil and delicious sesame based crackers. 

In the mood for traditional Roman cuisine? You will find on the menu list the classical Roman pasta dishes, and a revisited version of the infamous Eggplant tomato pastry. 

Feeling like discovering more Southern and Eastern culinary traditions, but still craving for carbs? Get the twisted version of fusillone, a typical southern Italian dish served with burrata cream or get tempted by the guanciale & zafferano pasta, which perfectly combines the crunch and smoky taste of guanciale with the spiciness of saffron. 


Looking for an emblematic oriental dish? Go for the house’s special: the Masa Kebab. The dish decoration was very original, smoked meat being served in an authentic animal  bone, with tacos served on the side. The chef met our desire to eat flavorful smoked meat, the perks of kebab, while feeling light post-dinner thanks to perfect serving. 

Always room for dessert, right? We finished our food journey on a sweet note sharing the two house’ specials:  a revisited and lighter version of the infamous Italian tiramisu topped with an airy layer of cream, and an oriental gourmet version of Tarte Tatin, served with gelato and a crumble crust. 

We certainly enjoyed the journey… From tables’ design (minimalistic and elegant) to dishes’ decoration, everything was well put. The staff’s friendliness and lounge-inspired playlist choice maximized our overall experience, allowing us to leave a fully relaxing and immersive culinary experience

More than just aperitivo and dinner…

Masa offers more than “just” fine dining and aperitivo. Get ready to spice up your weekend morning routine by tasting the Masa brunch! Every Saturday and Sunday, you can treat yourself to an indulgent brunch experience. Choose from a variety of à la carte options from the classic Masa menu and pair your meal with a glass of Prosecco or a signature cocktail.

For those seeking a delicious lunch during the workweek, from Monday to Friday, you can savor the delightful flavors of traditional Roman cuisine for lunch.


Via di S.Maria Maggiore, 143 (Monti)

Opening time

8am – 1am


+39 338 229 3943



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