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The Best Dance Studios in Rome

The best dance studios in Rome

Just because you are in Rome, does not mean you have to give up your passion for dancing. Throughout the city, there are great dance studios that will help you keep your spark alive or just start you off on your dancing journey. Keep reading to discover our favorite dance schools in Rome.

Il Tango Bar – Tango

Via Macerata, 9 (Pigneto)
06.47545 246

Milonga Tango Bar

Perfecting your skills takes dedication and that’s exactly was this studio does. Il Tango Bar is the first in Rome to fully devote itself to the art of Argentine Tango. Founded in 1990, this studio provides an atmosphere for dancers, experts and beginners alike, to share their knowledge through dance. Classes are held by Maestro Ali Namazi who has 30 years of experience and Laura Amadei who has been doing tango for 17 years. Instructors teach classes, seminars, workshops in technique, pre-milonga lessons and private lessons so there will surely be an option for whatever your tango goals are. Not only do they offer all levels of tango classes, but the studio also does a variety of cultural and entertainment events to help create a community of collaborative artists.

Arte Balletto – Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip-Hop, Argentine Tango

Via Rubattino, 1 (Testaccio)

Arte Balletto Dance Studio Rome

By offering various styles, this studio aims at spreading the art of dance to all ages. A more technical school, Arte Balletto focuses more on the educational and training aspect of dance for children who want to delve into this world and for adults that want to perfect their skills. In this pursuit, this studio has produced various dancers that have won prestigious international awards and gained careers in dance.

You Can Dance – all dance styles

Via Gadames, 3/A (Nomentana/Libia)

You Can Dance Dance Studio in Rome

Want to learn how to dance but not sure what style you will prefer? Well, at You Can Dance Studio, you can try just about any style that comes to mind. From classic, to acrobatic, to hip-hop, to pole dancing, this studio has it all. No matter what you are interested in, You Can Dance Studio offers you an opportunity to begin dancing or expand your knowledge further.

Barrio de la Salsa – Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Kizomba

Via degli Orti di Trastevere, 66 – Via Ruffini, 2 – Viale Somalia, 201A – Via Cina, 91 – Via Cina, 91

Barrio de la Salsa Dance School Rome

Latin dancing is no joke and if you’re already a pro at it, then props to you. If you want to further your Latin dancing or just begin learning styles like salsa, bachata, rueda, and kizomba, then this studio is perfect for you. Barrio de la Salsa offers courses for all levels of experience and you will be sure to find a place near you being that they have five different offices throughout Rome.

King of Rome Sporting Club – Zumba and Step and Tone

Via Appia Nuova, 226 (Re di Roma)
Facebook Page

Re di Roma Sporting Club Zumba

If you’re looking for more of a general dance workout, King of Rome Sporting Club is the place for you. Primarily a gym, this place also offers a selection of Zumba and Step and Tone classes that will help you feel the beat and move your feet. They are open everyday of the week and offer an assortment of class times that you can choose from to fit your busy schedule.

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  • Hi There every body

    I will be in Rom from 26th Sept. to 1st Oct and I wish to go out dancing (standard and latin) over the weekend so if someone could help me to find a location it will be very kind. I am male 170 cm and an advanced dancer.

    Cheers, Karlin

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