Chagall. Love and Life Exhibition

CHAGALL. LOVE AND LIFE Exhibition in Rome
Marc Chagall Sopra Vicebsk Gouache, grafite, e matita colorata su cartone 51,5x64,3 cm Lascito Anna Salzmann, Parigi, allo Stato di Israele In prestito permanente dall'Amministratore generale dello Stato di Israele © Chagall ® by SIAE 2015

Chiostro del Bramante will feature over 100 works of beloved artist Marc Chagall on loan from the Israel Museum Collection in its newest exhibition “Chagall. Love and Life.” The exhibition honors Chagall’s monumental contribution to the world of art during the twentieth century. The works featured collectively represent his Jewish and Russian upbringing and commitment to appeal to major Western European art traditions.

CHAGALL. LOVE AND LIFE Exhibition in Rome
Thérèse Bonney
Marc Chagall, Parigi, 1923
Israel Museum Collection
© Chagall ® by SIAE 2015

The exhibition separates Chagall’s graphic works, which include drawings, oil paintings and prints, into eight different themes. It begins with his My Life series, composed of works that reflect his childhood in Vitebsk. The rest of the exhibition follows his career as an artist with a deliberate focus on Chagall’s love for his wife Bella and their life together. Thematic quotes by Chagall line the walls of each room and compliment the vibrant images displayed.

CHAGALL. LOVE AND LIFE Exhibition in Rome
Marc Chagall
Gli amanti, 1954/55
Dono di Jan Mitchell, New York, tramite l’America-Israel Cultural Foundation
© Chagall ® by SIAE 2015

Many of the artist’s works are rooted in religious symbolism, and as a result an entire section is devoted to Chagall’s illustrations of the Bible. Each image reflects his interpretation of religious scripture with a clear focus on the relationship between God and man.

CHAGALL. LOVE AND LIFE Exhibition in Rome
Marc Chagall
La passeggiata, 1919
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
© Chagall ® by SIAE 2015

The exhibition also features a variety of engaging activities that provide viewers with insight into Chagall’s creative process and artistic vision. One of the last rooms features an enlarged picture of Chagall’s famous painting The Walk, and is accompanied by a green screen, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in the scene and interact with the painting.

CHAGALL. LOVE AND LIFE Exhibition in Rome
Marc Chagall
Coppia di amanti e fiori, 1949
Dono di Ida Chagall, Parigi
© Chagall ® by SIAE 2015

“Chagall. Love and Life” tells the story of Chagall’s ability to fuse his cultural upbringing and emotional passion with artistic talent in a way unmatched by any other artist of the twentieth century. The exhibition is a testament to Chagall’s ultimate impact on the world of art through his recognition of love as life’s most powerful force.

Till 26 July 2015

Chiostro del Bramante

Via Arco della Pace, 5

Mon – Fri 10am-8pm, Sat – Sun 10am-9pm

Entry Fee € 13

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