A Beautiful World. The photography of Mario Testino at Palazzo Bonaparte

A Beautiful World: the photography of Mario Testino
Mario Testino, Kenya, 2023, Fotografia, 120x180 cm, © Mario Testino

Rome’s Palazzo Bonaparte hosts the empowering photography of Mario Testino this summer.

Until 25 August 2024, Rome’s Palazzo Bonaparte is hosting “A Beautiful World”: a stunning collection of photography by Mario Testino. The encapsulation of majestic artistry in the medium of dress and clothing is Testino’s testament to the celebration of everlasting identity, tradition, and community.

This exhibition in Rome provides subjects and customs unknown to the common person, and permits an experience that will transform them into something unforgettable.

The creative approach from behind the camera emphasizes the intensely bold color that is often muted in our constant innovation. Testino’s work emphasizes the elements of beauty that are unfading despite the steady, exponential evolution of our modern world.

Located on the corner of Via del Corso, Palazzo Bonaparte is also the current residence of the renowned Vincent Peters exhibit, “Timeless Time.” Both “Timeless Time” and “A Beautiful World” serve as an important reminder of the connection between humanity, art, and storytelling.

L'immaginario fotografico di Mario Testino a Palazzo Bonaparte
Mario Testino, Photograph by Philippe Kliot, © Mario Testino

Photographer or Anthropologist? Perhaps a mix of both

Mario Testino, the artist behind the camera, was born in 1954 in Lima. Testino set after his career in London, working under many successful photographers of the time and later growing into his own stylistic taste. Testino worked with prominent names worldwide. Notably known for his work with Princess Diana and other members of European royalty, Testino continued to pursue the thematic concept of family, heritage, and the aspects that contribute to the bonding of human beings.

L'immaginario fotografico di Mario Testino a Palazzo Bonaparte
Mario Testino Ethiopia, 2019, Fotografia, 180×120 cm, © Mario Testino

Originating as a project with the purpose of capturing the culture in Peru, his journey that led to “A Beautiful World” drove him to over 30 different countries. “A Beautiful World” entails around 70 different pieces spanning from subjects in Mexico, to Japan, all the way to Colombia, Kenya, and Mongolia to name a few. Through the exhibit, Testino encourages the audience to recognize and appreciate a world of spectacular magnificence and meaningful connection that often goes unnoticed.

A Beautiful World. La fotografia di Mario Testino a Palazzo Bonaparte
Mario Testino, Myanmar, 2018, Fotografia, 90×60 cm, © Mario Testino
A Beautiful World. La fotografia di Mario Testino a Palazzo Bonaparte
Mario Testino, Perù, 2022, Fotografia, 90×60 cm, © Mario Testino

Testino’s project showcases the hidden beauty that is found within our species. Often overlooked, buried, or simply just unrevealed, Testino presents human expression to be appreciated by a wider audience. The one thing that outlives us all and remains for generations is tradition and identity. 

Oftentimes, humans get lost in the negativity we associate with the differences in each other. These differences are in fact the very cornerstone of humanity and what makes it so unparalleled to any other earthly beauty. What makes us alike is a gorgeous thing, but the things that separate us all are what breathe life into the remarkably colorful experience we have the opportunity toshare together. 

L'immaginario fotografico di Mario Testino a Palazzo Bonaparte
Mario Testino, Japan, 2019, Fotografia, 180×247 cm, © Mario Testino


Until 25 August 2024

Palazzo Bonaparte

Piazza Venezia 5, Roma

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 8pm

Tickets: Full €15, Reduced €13



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