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The best summer festivals in Italy

Summer Festivals in Italy


If you’re a festivals fan, you’ve probably noticed that summer festivals in Italy have started to take off! Whether you’re into electro, pop, indie, jazz or classical music, we’ve got you covered with a great selection of Italy’s best summer festivals.

rome art week 2018

Rome Art Week


A collaborative, independent and nonprofit project that is taking place in Rome from 22 to 27 of October 2018 proposing over 300 contemporary art events.

Sangue e Arena

Ancient Water Ballet on the Colosseum Floor


Red and pink graphics on billboards and buses around Rome invite the public to Sangue E Arena – a thirty-minute, after-dark multi-media show that encapsulates Emperor Titus’ 100-day pageant, with naval battles, bloody corpses, imported mammals from Africa, and sea nymphs.