Summer Events at Villa Medici

Summer Events at Villa Medici

Find out what the Villa Medici has to offer Rome this summer!

The Villa Medici – The French Academy in Rome, home to stunning Roman views, artists in residence, and rich culture, is located near the Villa Borghese, and ready to host a multitude of events this summer. With 18 acres of gardens, fountains, and artistic sculptures, the Villa Medici remains an oasis of artistic expression reminiscent of the French countryside, while overlooking a modernized Italy. This summer, visitors can enjoy guided tours, as well as specialized events curated by those with experience and expertise in the artistic field.

Festival des Cabanes di Villa Medici | May 25th – October 2nd

Summer Events at Villa Medici

Festival des Cabanes di Villa Medici will take place from the 25th of May through the 2nd of October. This event will feature “cabanes” or huts, made of reusable materials. Their occupancy within the gardens is intended to prompt a rethinking of sustainable living and modular housing. The exhibit is specially designed by French studios Dream, Koz, Wald and students from Sciences Po’s Masters in Political Arts (SPEAP) and the École des Arts Décoratifs.

Étincelles / Scintille Mostra dei borsisti di Villa Medici | June, 15th – August 7th

Summer Events at Villa Medici

The Étincelles / Scintille Mostra dei borsisti di Villa Medici will take place from the 15th of June until the 7th of August. Curated by Saverio Verini this exhibit, the name of the exhibit translates to “Sparks”, evoking themes of both creation and conflict, the passage of time and its marks left behind. The pieces themselves are developed by the sixteen fellows in residence at the French Academy of Rome (Villa Medici). All projects follow the idea of “archiving,” allowing for accumulation, cataloguing, and repetition, as well as maintaining an interest in landscapes and their respective atmospheres. The featured works are reflections of poetry and politics, and their interactions which are also refelctrive of the fellows which created them.

Jean-Marie Appriou – Art Club #35 | June 25th – September 4th

Summer Events at Villa Medici

Also featured will be the launch of French sculptor Jean-Marie Appriou’s art installation, as part of Pier Paolo Pancotto’s new Art Club # 35. The Art Club cycle celebrates the secular heritage of the French Academy’s traditions, particularly featuring international contemporary artists. This will be the event’s first solo exhibition in Rome. With this edition, Apprious revisits the technicalities of art mediums, utilizing aluminum, glass, clay and more to reframe the interactions between the human experience and its functioning universe. There is also a focus on the transitioning between elements, which evokes feelings of nature in its pure form, without neglecting the human artists’ presence within the piece. Throughout the garden of the Villa Medici, the loggias (Loggia Balthus and Loggia de Cleopatra), the Niobides square, the Gypsotheque and the Bird Room, Appriou’s art can be experienced.

Villa Medici Film Festival | September 14th – 18th

Summer Events at Villa Medici

Finally, the Villa Medici Film Festival will return to finish off the summer for the second time. From the 14th through the 18th of September, Villa Medici will be transformed into a space dedicated to the celebration of cinematography and all of its aspects. Offering both indoor screening areas and featuring a screening area located within the gardens, the event will provide presentations of the most current films, essays, documentaries, and fiction. The festival is divided into three sections, the international competition; featuring fourteen films of every genre, hailing from five continents, and all made in the past year. Following is the focus selection, consistent of masterclasses, performances and screenings. And lastly, the projections of the Piazzale; providing a viewing of recent films each night in the main courtyard, encouraging a unification of all spectators alike. The festival will conclude with the presentation of two awards, the Villa Medici Award for best film and the Jury Award for the film that best attracted the jury.

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