The new concept: co-housing

Co-housing in Rome

Co-housing is the next best thing to living like a local in Rome. If touring the most obvious sights with your selfie-stick in hand isn’t your idea of getting to know the city, then this is the travelling experience for you.

The concept is a blend between airbnb and couch-surfing, you rent a room in a home and are hosted by those that live there full-time. A large shared space makes it easy for everyone to come together, for meals and conversations alike, but there is the added beauty of your own room for when you need a little privacy. Co-housing is for people who want to step into and discover local culture while meeting like-minded travellers.

Andrea, who runs Cohome in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, says his aim is “to create an international integration between different cultures.” He has designed a stylish space that will appeal to any curious explorer. All the furniture at Cohome has been sourced and recycled from antique markets and second-hand shops. Four armchairs are at the centre of the bright and spacious living area, inviting those staying to hang out and get to know one another.

In the Trastevere district, co-housing space “Together” describes itself as “a living space in which the local community meets the rest of the globe giving birth to an international network of professionals and creative spirits.” There are a number of rooms available, from double rooms to dormitories, and even an option to sleep on the couch. “Together” is the home of both long and short-term residents who work on communal projects and host classes, workshops and events.

Co-housing in Rome

At the heart of the co-housing ethos is the community’s commitment to be green friendly. At Cohome all detergents, plastic bags and toilet paper are ecological and of low environmental impact. Food is brought from the local organic farm, Valle Santa, and guests are encouraged to travel as much as possible by bicycle.

But co-housing is most importantly about coming together, sharing, and exploring. At Cohome the focus is on the exchange of art and culture. There are stacks of books to choose from, the idea being that you leave one behind in exchange. In the corner there is a guitar one can play, and there are plans for small, intimate concerts to be held in the shared space. Film screenings in the original language followed by a discussion will take place in the dining area, and there are soon to be regular house dinners.

Co-housing in Rome

Co-housing encourages you to immerse yourself in the local community. At Cohome you can explore the unique and creative San Lorenzo district, a hive of activity that is always full of students and artistic types. Guests can browse through Cohome’s great list of recommended bars, restaurants and intriguing cultural places and spaces, stretching from the trendy neighbourhood to further afield.

For only travellers’ prices, co-housing is the way to visit Rome and become a part of the city and live its culture. It is as much an experience as a holiday, one which will give you an authentic introduction to Roman lifestyle.

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