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Studio Dentistico Trastevere Roma

English-speaking dentists and orthodontists in Rome

Moving to Rome comes with a lot of thrills and excitement. But the thing about moving to a new country is that you have to start over. I’m not referring to the fact that you don’t know anyone and have to figure things out, that’s part of the adventure. I’m referring to more serious stuff that you used to have covered back home. Who do you call when you have the flu? What if you need a medical prescription? What if you need to go to the dentist? What if your child needs braces?

We’re here to help, always on the hunt for great medical centers that offer the best service, and that speak English, of course! For anything that has to do with going to the dentist or orthodontist, get yourself to the Studio Dentistico Trastevere Family Dental Center, comfortably located in the heart of Trastevere. This dental studio offers all the dental services you need: from oral hygiene and prevention to implant and oral surgery, they’ve got it all. They also offer special packages for the whole family at a discount!

Studio Dentistico Trastevere Roma

Check out all of their services and treatments below:

– Diagnostic radiology
– Oral hygiene and prevention
– Advanced oral surgery
– Implant surgery
– Special rehabilitation surgery (minimally invasive rehabilitation techniques)
– Fixed, mobile prosthesis (particular care of dental aesthetics)
– Periodontology
– Medicine and oral pathology
– Conservative restoration
– Endodontics
– Clinical science and masticatory pathophysiology
– Child dentistry
– Orthodontics (Invisalign)
– Aesthetic medicine

As you can see, the clinical activity of the Studio Dentistico Trastevere covers all dental disciplines, from the rehabilitation of the compromised masticatory function, to the medicine and pathology of the oral cavity, to the early diagnosis of mouth tumors. They pay particular attention to aesthetic medicine, because they’re convinced there’s an important harmony between our teeth and the characteristics of our face.

Cosmetic dentistry

Studio Dentistico Trastevere is actually the first polymeric center that supports dentistry with aesthetic medicine. Transparency, excellence and quality are their values.  You can rediscover your smile while enjoying a highly professional, comfortable and technologically-advanced environment. They also give warranties for all their treatments, which are valid for a period of time varying from 1 – 10 years, depending on the type of treatment performed. Apart from speaking English, the staff is extremely professional and takes care of all their patients in a caring manner.

Studio Dentistico Trastevere Roma

So for your next toothache, don’t go crazy trying to find the right dentist, just make an appointment at Studio Dentistico Trastevere Family Dental Center. Send them an email or call them for more info on all of their special offers!


Via Luciano Manara, 25 (Trastevere)




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