The reconstruction of the Colossus of Constantine has now arrived in Rome

Colossus of Constantine

A huge replica of the Colossus of Constantine stands in the garden of Villa Caffarelli, at the Capitoline Museums.

The recreation of the impressive Colossal Statue is on display in the garden of Villa Caffarelli, part of Rome’s Capitoline Museums, from 6 February 2024.

This is an exact replica of the original colossal statue of Constantine that was constructed in the early 4th century. Of the ancient statue only a few marble fragments remain ( the head, right arm, wrist, right hand, right knee, right shin, right foot, left foot), but from these materials experts have recreated the sculpture to its exact dimensions.

The structure stands at a daunting 13 meters tall and is painted to match the exact look of its original marble. 

Colossus of Constantine

The reconstruction first went on display in 2022 at the Prada Foundation in Milan. It has now reached its new home in Rome, where it is united with the fragments of its original which have been preserved and displayed by the Palazzo dei Conservatori of the same Capitoline Museums. 

The statue is one of the most revered pieces of late ancient Roman sculpture. The Colossal’s historical significance and the innovation that led to its reconstruction is a special collision of past and future worlds that Rome is now proud to house. It is now the public’s privilege to admire this magnificent structure as if it teleported directly from the ancient Roman Empire into today’s modern world. 

Colossus of Constantine

The opening of this exhibit is part of a broader resurgence of art history and archeology in Rome. It follows the opening of the Forma Urbis Museum and the recent reopening of the Celio Archaeological Park. Now the arrival of this reconstruction gives rise to further hope for the future of Roman archeological restoration. 

till 31 December 2025

Capitoline Museums, Villa Caffarelli Gardens
entrance from Via delle Tre Pile

Opening hours
Everyday 9am – 7pm

Free entry

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