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Established in 1984, Italiaidea offers engaging and vibrant classes where you can successfully learn the Italian you need in the capable hands of qualified, passionate, and caring teachers.

Italiaidea is the leading school in Rome providing course approved by many prestigious American Universities, like Cornell University, Dartmouth College, University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, among many others. The school is officially recognized by the Italian Department of Education and is an authorized center for PLIDA Certification of Proficiency in Italian Language.

Studying at Italiaidea: Learn to Be Italian!

At Italiaidea, courses are designed to provide a real experience with the language: students learn in an active, dynamic way to use Italian to communicate effectively and reach their potential.

All courses are offered both online and live in our center*. Italiaidea is deeply invested into offering online course that are interactive, engaging, and effective: a flexible solution to virtually study Italian in Rome from wherever you are. Studying online with Italiaidea recreates the experience of a live session in the classroom, with the assistance of captivating digital content specifically designed.

Teachers and Staff: Competence and Care

All teachers at Italiaidea are qualified and trained professionals and work hard to ensure the best learning experience. They are committed to serve as a bridge between cultures and mindful of cultivating a relaxed, friendly, and fun environment where students can thrive. Italiaidea has a long experience providing courses to a variety of adult students of all ages, coming to Rome form all over the world to learn Italian: teachers and staff at the school value diversity above all and believe in providing the right answer to all different needs, expectations, and aspirations students may have when they choose to study Italian.

* At the moment all in center sessions are suspended due to the Covid-19 sanitary restrictions. Waiting to be able to offer again live courses, Italiaidea is up and working with their vast choice of online classes.


A Location in the Heart of Rome

The school is in a lovely palazzo dating back to the 1800s, just a brief walk from the buzzing Campo de’ Fiori and the iconic Piazza Navona, right in the pulsing heart of the ancient city. Between classes, students love to browse the Campo de’ Fiori market, check out the cafes around Piazza Navona, and stroll through the historic center: the beauty of the city becomes just another motivation to keep learning the language!

Italiaidea’s Mission

Italiaidea opened in 1984 thanks to the passion of a resolute group of teachers, who set their mind to promote Italian language and culture, helping students from all over the world to understand our country in depth, going beyond stereotypes.

The Courses

At Italiaidea there’s a course for everyone, from brand new beginners to Italian language veterans who want to maintain their communicative skills.

The school offers intensive language courses, meeting Monday to Friday for three hours a day, semi-intensive courses that meet twice a week for two hours, and individual lessons for those who want a more personalized experience tailored to their specific needs. Along with the language classes, Italiaidea provides courses focusing on Italian Arts, Cinema, Culture, or History.

A new program was developed recently for people interested in Exclusive Art Walks, a series of customized art and cultural walks in the company of academics, experts in the history and the art of Rome to discover or re-discover the city of Roma, with a new and authentic perspective. As for all other courses, this program is also offered online, though virtual walks around the city.

Learning in the City

Understanding the importance of taking Italian outside the classroom and applying it, Italiaidea provides an impressive offer of extracurricular activities: guided tours in museums and historic sites in Rome, cooking lessons, wine tastings, dinners and aperitivi, among the others, are offered consistently to create opportunities for using Italian in social contexts and become more confident interacting with Italians.

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184 – Roma

+39 3358269915

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