Memorie Urbane

memorie urbane street art festival

Street art festival Memorie Urbane presents its sixth incarnation in the Eternal City.

Dubbed From Wall to the Gallery, this year’s event displays the works of street artists that have contributed to past editions along with a slew of international artists who are creating for the very first time in Italy on invitation from the festival. Participants include Alias (Germany), Martin Whatson (Norway), Snik (UK), Nafir (Iran), FRZ (Iran), Levalet (France), Kunstrasen (Germany), Isaac Cordal (Spain), PichiAvo (Spain), MAD (Iran), Lula Goce (Spain), Dale Grimshaw (UK), Hyuro (Spain), Faith47 (South Africa), Frederico Draw (Portugal), Apolo Torres (Brazil), Sema Lao (France), Paulo Ito (Brazil), Chazme (Poland), Iheart (Canada), Khamoosh (Iran), Deih (Spain), David de la Mano (Spain), MTO (France), Etam Cru (Poland).

apolo torres memorie urbane
Apolo Torres (Brazil)
SemaLao_Terracina_AriannaBarone_alta (19)
Sema Lao (France)
LulaGoce_Terracina_AriannaBarone_alta (16)
Lula Goce (Spain)
Alias (Germany)

First established in 2011 by Davide Rossillo, Memorie Urbane’s mission is to rediscover the city through urban and contemporary art: the festival has brought to life more than 210 projects in 13 Italian cities, transforming them into open-air museums by revamping walls that have fallen into disrepair and neglect.

snik - minturno 2017- ilaria tortoriello-45
Snik (UK)

In conjunction with the Exposition, it will also present various limited edition art works, including Krylon by Naf-Mk, Follow 4 Follow by Iheart, Nature by Lula Goce, Once upon a time in Jakarta by MAD, Stories by Sem Lao and brand-new paintings by Andrea Ravo Mattoni.


Till 29 September 2017

dMake Art

Via Giovanni Lanza, 174

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