Museum Hendrik Christian Andersen

museum hendriks christian anderson

A liberty style villa in the Flaminio neighbourhood boasting Hendrik Christian Andersen’s sculptures

To experience an artist’s vision through his own design you should definitely visit the Museum of Hendrik Christian Andersen in Rome. When Hendrik Andersen died in 1940, the Italian Government gave Villa Helene to the artist, which is now the museum. Today, the ground floor is used to exhibit the artist’s own works and the second-floor houses temporary exhibitions.

The rooms on the ground floor display works by the artist that were planned to be exhibited at the The World Centre of Communication. This was a project designed by the artist Hendrik Andersen and architect Ernest Hébrard between 1901 and 1911. The purpose of the museum was to gather all the best intellectual products of mankind in both scientific an artistic fields. The project aimed to have an Olympic, Artistic and Scientific Centers within the area. A specific location was never thought of for the project to be built on; but because of the Nobel Prize, Switzerland and Belgium were front-runners. Unfortunately the project was never realized.

The museum now houses most of the plans, designs and projects Andersen planned to have in the Centre.

Museum Hendrik Christian Andersen

Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, 20 (Flaminio)

Open Tue – Sun 9.30am – 7.30pm

Free Entry

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