Nadia Mari Boutique

Nadia Mari Womenswear Boutique in Rome

Nadiamari Atelier is Ready for Fall and Winter

New colours, shapes and ideas arrive at Atelier Nadiamari. The Rome-based fashion designer, Nadia Mari, is ready to showcase an all-new collection, whose prints and motifs are inspired by the sophisticated allure of the 1920s. The atelier, located in the heart of Rome on Via Monserrato, just a short walk from Campo de’ Fiori, has already welcomed its new collection.

The FW19 collection uses Art Deco geometries that take us back to Klimpt’s Vienna, coupled with animal and floral prints. She wanted dresses made of the opulance told in Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, using strong and structured fabrics matched with soft exclusive prints (her brand’s main feature).

Nadia Mari Womenswear Boutique in Rome

The collection is extremely rich in details: inlays and embroideries, furs and precious stones, heading to that non-exhibited elegance proper of all NADIAMARI women both in public and private, everyday life. A collection that gives multiple chances of use, that takes women from “Arabian nights” settings to simpler, more familiar occasions.

Fabrics, coming from the most prestigious Italian districts, are used to reach the maximum comfort and versatility, and they alternate to give, also at a first glance, the same natural sensation you feel while wearing them. For this season she imagines a world full of colours, joy, experiences to live in a light, classy way, while wearing luxury dresses that in one second, turn absolute elegance into an everyday style.

Nadia Mari Womenswear Boutique in Rome

The designer believes in helping women find dresses that suit their body type, ensuring every piece fits like a glove. The personal line she has created includes her most successful “mix & match” sheath dress called One of a Kind. These particular pieces cannot be replicated because they are pieced together with a variety of silk fabric prints obtained from the Como region of Italy. She merges the milestones of fashion (the oversize tshirt, the robe manteau…) with an exclusive design, which creates dresses that are unique in their ability to merge classic elegance with a touch of timeless, unconventional spirit.

nadiamari winter autumn collaction

Nadiamari provides a tailor-made shopping experience with the designer and her team. The boutique also offers a personal shopper, image consulting and styling services which you can purchase as a gift to treat a friend (or yourself!).

Following in the footsteps of the original Atelier Nadiamari in Monteverde, the boutique has an eclectic schedule of events, ranging from wine tastings to graphic novel showcases. A detailed spring schedule will be released soon on the atelier’s official Facebook Page and Instagram Page

Nadia Mari Womenswear Boutique in Rome

NADIAMARI’S popularity has been inexhaustibly growing in time, and the brand is registered in Europe, the U.S., Russia, Japan and Korea. The collections are presented in Paris twice a year. Since she graduated from European Institute of Design in Rome in 1996, Nadia has worked as a stylist and consultant for several top fashion companies in Italy including Prada, Valentino, Gai Mattiolo and Byblos and is well-versed in every stage of stage of clothing production.

104, 00186 Roma, Italia


Via Monserrato, 104 (Campo de’ Fiori)

Opening Times

Open Tues–Sat 10.30– 7.30pm; Mon 3pm– 7.30pm




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