Places To Visit in Europe in 2021

Europe is one of the most visited continents in the world. In terms of countries to explore, there are plenty, all offering something different to the next. There are places with a rich history, others with fantastic weather, and many have resorts which are built alongside some of the leading casinos in Europe. One thing is for sure; there is something for everyone on the continent, which makes it an excellent area to plan a trip to, even if it’s for several days or a weekend break.


Menorca is an idyllic location within the Balearic Islands which is the perfect escape for an array of people. You can head there to relax on the beautiful beaches, or, go one step further and enjoy a snorkelling adventure below the surface. Life can become tiring and taxing, mentally and physically, but Menorca is on hand to let families unwind and recharge their batteries. Visiting both Ciutadella and Mahon which make up the island is a must, and so is a stop off at Macarella Beach, as it’s one of Europe’s best.


Cork in Ireland is a place where the vibes are positive, and traditional and modern meet in the middle. If you go to Ireland, you want to enjoy an authentic Irish experience, and Cork makes this a reality. It’s a city, like so many others in Europe, which caters for everyone, so nobody feels left out. You can head there with friends, as a family, or with a loved one and be sure there is plenty to see and do. The sea is clear, the beaches are great, there are biking and hiking opportunities, fantastic places to eat, and a whole lot more.


Rome is, undoubtedly, one of the most visited places in Europe, if not the world. People from all around the globe love to visit the city which stands out for its rich history, culture and food. If you head to Rome, you must visit the Colosseum, an iconic landmark which is worth everyone’s time. The city is also the ideal spot for romance to blossom, and when you consider the Spanish steps are there, visiting with a lover makes a lot of sense. If you get the chance to spend some time in Rome, it will prove to be a fantastic experience, providing memories for a lifetime.


We end our recommendations of places to visit in Europe with Paris. It’s a vibrant city all year round, but Spring stands out as a great choice. Paris is very much on Rome’s level in terms of popularity, with visitors passing through from all over. You could describe Paris as the perfect city break, especially if you’re into modern art, fine dining and shopping. It’s romantic as they come, too. Many couples have travelled to France’s capital and returned engaged to be married. And, don’t forget, iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. It’s an Instagrammers dream.

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