QC Termeroma

Qc Termeroma

Imperial-style indulgence is alive and well just outside of Rome

Head out Fiumicino way, and instead of hopping on a plane stop at the QC Terme and go back in time.

Once the Baths of Caracalla in Trajans Park, this incredible hotel and spa has combined the historic Roman practice of bathing with Finnish and Japanese wellness to offer more than just a day spa experience. For an excursion worthy of royalty, make a proper break from the city and spoil yourself with night or two in the serene comfort of their ‘country chic’ hotel. The rooms start from the standard (yet still exceptionally equipped) rooms to the superior suit with terrace. All rooms have wifi, a Nespresso station and windows that open to the the lush gardens, and all rooms are delicately decorated and retain grand Roman charm.

Qc Termeroma Spa & Resort

Qc Termeroma Spa & Resort

The spa experience, which can be enjoyed as a part of the hotel stay or as just a day escape, will leave you feeling like the pampered imperial folk of times past. In amongst the fresh countryside are ‘secret gardens’ with pools that feature underwater music, a salt bath and a natural solarium. The saunas and bio-saunas are not to be missed, each having different properties and health benefits, like improving the metabolism, purifying the skin and of course, relaxation. Although many massage options are available, most generously the QC Terme offers a ‘tailor made massage’ option. From €38 you can have a unique massage specific to you own needs, covering everything from lymphatic drainage, sports relief, anti stress and more.

Qc Termeroma Spa & Resort

Qc Termeroma Spa & Resort

If needing a break from all this luxuriating, enjoy a light buffet lunch, or even the afternoon tea with desert buffet. Aperitivo in can be taken in your bathrobe, and the QC Terme Restaurant, open from 7.30 daily, has a gourmet wellness approach. A sumptuous break with advantages in all seasons- from the open fires in winter to summer sun glistening though the ancient park, spending the day like an emperor in your bath robe here will not have to be justified…


How to get Qc Terme


Via Portuense 2178/a (Fiumicino)



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