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HIIT fitness classes in Rome

Footsteps from Villa Borghese, VOLT is an exclusive fitness center offering only high intensity training. You’ll have 45 minutes of full body workouts to train your Strength and Conditioning.

At VOLT you’ll experience the thrill of training in a gym that’s a mix between modern and ancient. The 100sqm gym is  characterized by anti-trauma rubber flooring, mirrors, neon lights and a powerful sound system. Inside the room you will find plenty of cardio machines, heavy weights, rings, pull-up bars, Olympic barbells, dumbbells, benches, and more, to create endless workout options.

You can choose from three different types of workoutsFULL BODY, FULL CARDIO or HEAVY WORK. The workouts change every day, and they take place 5 times per day, 5 days a week.

Not sure which workout suits you best? Book your first workout, if you enjoy it you can then pick from a variety of member options, including single workouts.

So I don’t have to pay a monthly/yearly membership like all other gyms in Rome? Exactly, at VOLT you can simply purchase your drop in pass.


    Workouts offered

    Full Body


    Push your body to the limit with the toughest and most intense workout in Rome. Cardio, weights and no time to rest!

    Full Cardio

    Best gyms in Rome

    The name says it all, test your conditioning with this gruelling full speed cardio-only workout.

    Heavy Work


    This one focuses on the main compound lifts, and adds plenty of heavy functional movements.


    Via Salaria 163 (Salario/Villa Borghese)
    Hours: Mon-Fri 7.45am-8pm

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