Roma Arte in Nuvola

Roma Arte in Nuvola

International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art

17 to 20 November will see the second edition of Arte in Nuvola, the international contemporary and modern art fair hosted by Fuksas’s Nuvola, emblem of avant-garde culture in Rome’s EUR District.

The event yearly unites and celebrates different arts thanks to a fair organised like a large exhibition, which activates connections not only between merchants and artists, but also visitors, art lovers and enthusiasts.

Every year the fair dedicates a section to a foreign country, which on this occasion will be Ukraine, so as to stress crucial messages of peace, inclusivity and coexistence between different peoples. The Ukrainian presence, entails the he project ‘SI VIS PACEM’, curated by Yevhen Bereznitsky, Director of the Bereznitsky Art Foundation, dedicated to Ukrainian art of the second half of the 20th century, the contemporary art of independent Ukraine and works created as a direct reaction to Russian military aggression. The pavilion presents in particular works by Vasyl Yarych, Yuri Smirnov, Viktor Kravtsov to describe peaceful Ukraine, as well as paintings by Viktor Sydorenko, Yuri Sivirin, Vladislav Mamsikov with reflections on war.

Roma Arte in Nuvola

The large spaces of the Nuvola will moreover host more than 15 special projects, including two major exhibitions that, due to the quality and originality of the artistic proposals, occupy a leading role in the event. First, from the synergic connection between territory and art comes ‘The great masterpieces of Eur. An Appearance of Values’. Second, a major exhibition will be presented with over 30 works by Piero Dorazio, one of the leading exponents of European abstractionism.

Finally, throughout the event, a series of talks will take place, covering diverse topics, ranging from the role of artists in society, the direction of art in the capital and more. Plus, like last year, the most original stands, the best new gallery, the best artwork and so on will receive awards.

An event not to be missed, which invites – in the spacious Nuvola – to discover different perspectives from Italy and the rest of the world, through the arts and the enticing world of the art market.

17 November – 20 November 2022

Centro Congressi La Nuvola Roma

Viale Asia, 40-,44

Opening Times:

17h November: 3pm to 8.30pm

18th – 20th November: 10.30am to 8.30pm

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