Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga

Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga Rome

Pilates and yoga classes in Rome’s calming Aventino

Perched at the bottom of the Aventine and close to the Circus Maximus, you can find what is on the surface, a pilates and yoga studio, but what is really so much more. The structure of the complex is itself beautiful and promotes relaxation: brick vaulted ceilings, spacious rooms and even a garden in the back create a calming escape from the big city.

Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga Rome

The two main focuses of the Centro Samila include pilates and yoga. The two most distinctive elements of Samila are its wide variety of classes/activities offered and its intense concentration on the individual and his or her particular needs. At Samila, the associate is more than a temporary guest floating in and out, now and then but is rather part of the community and for this reason, as pilates instructor and President of the Association, Ilaria Severi describes the studio can be considered a “luogo di incontro” or a meeting place. That is, it additionally acts as a social space where people can meet and even relax together in the tranquil, back patio garden.

Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga Rome

There are three separate programs at Samila, each containing varying levels of the different activities offered. “Corpo Libero,” which includes classes with a maximum of ten to fifteen students, provides you with the choice of three types of pilates practices (matwork, functional and barre) three types of yoga practices (vinyasa, viniyoga and ashtanga). Yoga for pregnant women and for mothers and their babies is offered as well. “Pilates Reformer”, classes hold a maximum of six students, range from beginner to advanced and are helped by the use of machinery with the intention of rehabilitating the body from physical ailments or injuries. “Pilates Studio” includes more general pilates classes (max. five people) with a gradation in levels, the highest of which, “Functional Pilates,” reaches an aerobic speed. All instructors have been certified by recognized schools and at an international level.

Centro Samila Pilates and Yoga Rome

Samila has a separate room for therapeutic treatments such as osteotherapy, acupunture, massage therapy and reflexology. Working within this section of the studio are nutritional and dietary specialists as well. Some of these therapists and instructors offer individual meetings for athletes and dancers to work on articulating and optimizing movements essential to whatever the sport might be.

Searching for the pilates and yoga studio that fits you and your needs can be difficult in Rome but Samila has something for everyone and with its highly personalized, almost customized program, it’s really worth a try. You will be pleased by the dedication of Samila’s team and encouraged by their support as they guide you towards your goals class by class.

25, 00153 Roma RM, Italy


Via Baldassare Peruzzi, 25 (Aventino)


Mon-Fri 9am-8.30pm; Sat 9.30am-1pm


06.5743652 / 334.9526978





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