Weekend Getaway / Day trips from Rome: Sermoneta

A Medieval Jewel with a Mighty Castle

An hour south of Rome and a hop away from the Giardino di Ninfa lies the medieval city of Sermoneta with its majestic stone castle of the Caetani family. Once a stronghold between Naples and Rome, this 13th century castle dominates the historic center and is well worth a visit. Don’t forget the best part of Sermoneta though, which is simply getting lost in its delightful cobblestone streets and stopping for a granita (if the weather is warm!) before continuing the search for the most scenic view over the surrounding hills.

Sermoneta is the epitome of the simple beauty of Italy where magic is found as much in idyll wandering as in the one-of-a-kind surprises at every turn. One of these surprises is the Valvisciolo Abbey, a 13th-century Cistercian monastery with wonderful frescoes, gardens, and panoramic views.

Weekend Getaway / Day trips from Rome: Sermoneta

Without a doubt, plan to eat at the Ristorante Locanda Bonifacio VIII. The food is exquisite, the owners and staff are lovely, and the prices are more than acceptable.

Address: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 39

Phone: 0773317261

Much like the Giardino di Ninfa, the easiest way to get to Sermoneta is by car. If that isn’t an option, take the train to the Latina Scalo station. From there, there is a taxi service that can take you the rest of the way, reachable at 0773632292. Sermoneta itself is easily walkable.

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