The Crow Lab: more than just a business, a style laboratory

the crow lab rome shop
Credits: Irina Morina

Just steps from Piazza Navona, this store brings together the best Italian brands

Authenticity is the strength of this place located in the heart of Rome. With clothing of different colors, styles and fabrics, The Crow Lab has options for all tastes. Their friendly staff will use all their expertise to help customers find their style and distinguish themselves, with a personal approach and excellent service

Located in one of the large and historic buildings of Corso Rinascimento, formerly the store that occupied the space was only for the male audience. Nowadays, the first floor has become geared towards the female audience, while the second one continues to satisfy the male audience that seeks excellence when shopping. Elegance, beauty and quality are characteristics that are evident in all the pieces sold, regardless of taste or gender.  

the crow lab rome boutique near piazza navona
the crow lab rome boutique near piazza navona

A reference for Italian fashion, the new collection features pieces that will make a difference in any wardrobe, making users stand out from other chain stores. From sophisticated and neutral pieces to comfortable and colorful ones, The Crow Lab is the place to reinvent yourself. Pinko, Manila Grace, and White Wise are some of the famous and renowned Italian brands that fill the space hangers, but surely you will discover many others that you like if you decide to stop for a quick visit. 

The store has been open for a year now, but only had its official opening on October 28th because of covid restrictions. The party featured appearances by important personalities, such as Gianni Rivera and Jessica Morlacchi. 

the crow lab rome boutique near piazza navona

Among their services of great importance is their tailoring service where customers can order tailored suits by choosing from the best international fabrics. If you perhaps want to give a gift or refer someone to the store, but the person is outside Italy, don’t worry because The Crow Lab has you covered. It is tax free to buy it from somewhere else.  

In addition, the store also offers the public new fashion concepts. An example is a shoe produced by the sports brand Atalasport that is intentionally “dirty”, in order to convey the idea that it has been used before to play soccer. Novelty and tradition are what distinguish this store from the others, always mixing the two just right. 

The Crow Lab is a must stop if you are looking for Italian original pieces during your visit. All customers who go shopping at the store and say they found out about the establishment from Romeing will receive a 10% discount. Seize this opportunity and rediscover your style. 

The Crow Lab Boutique Rome
Brand ambassador Andrea Casta. Photo credits: Irina Morina


Corso del Rinascimento, 54 (Pigna)

Opening Times

Everyday 10.30am – 7.30pm



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