A Guide to Italian Christmas Gifts, Made in Rome

A Guide to Italian Christmas Gifts, Made in Rome

Where to buy unique Italian Christmas gifts for her, him, and children.

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is in the throes of buying presents for their loved ones-a tradition cherished by most families. The shopkeepers are all ready and waiting for the unbridled Christmas shopping that characterizes this time of year.

Often our free time is limited, so to facilitate this beautiful tradition that should bring smiles and not stress, here is a guide to Christmas gifts made in Rome, aimed at supporting the city’s commerce. After all, Christmas is a season to think about our neighbors and extend a helping hand to those in need!

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Rome Shopping Guide: The Best Shops In Rome

Italian gift ideas

Eager to infuse your gifts with authentic Italian flair? Then you should familiarize yourself with the most beloved gifts among Italians.

Traditional Italian Christmas gifts span a diverse range, encompassing fashion items, such as clothes, hats and gloves, bags and jewelry, beauty products, and high-quality food products assembled in special Christmas baskets. Italians take pride in making memorable gifts, and the city of Rome has plenty of choices. It’s also becoming more common to add presents bought for charity purposes and to keep an eye on the sustainability of the purchases by supporting the small traders. 


Where to shop in Rome for traditional Italian Christmas gifts

Rome boasts a long list of family-run shops that offer items that are impossible to find in big malls. The shops are open daily and during the Christmas period many extend their hours, keepimg opening even on Sunday. So, wear a pair of comfortable shoes and start off your Christmas shopping in town on the right foot.

Don’t panic, there’s no need to traverse the city far and wide; Rome’s central areas can easily satisfy all your needs while making you proud of your purchases.  We can easily say that between the historical centerMonti, and Prati, you should be able to find gifts for all tastes.

Here is a selection of our favorite family-run shops that all sell unique, trendy Italian items.


Fashion and accessories for her and for him

A walk around Monti is for sure the best choice if you are looking for charming boutiques that sell unique items. For original Italian bags, make a visit to Hang Roma (via degli Zingari, 32). This store sells minimalist, gender-neutral bags designed to last.

For underground fashion, enter Groovin (piazza della Suburra, 1.) Nous Atelier (via del Boschetto, 109) is one of the typical boutiques in Monti–it is run by two talented sisters who handcraft both clothes and jewels. Another shop worth mentioning is Le Gallinelle (via Panisperna, 59), founded in 1989 by Wilma Silvestri, a tailor who still makes all the clothes she sells. Here, it’s even possible to have a couture dress made just for you within a day. Finally, Mia Carmen’s atelier (via Panisperna, 62) is a place of haute tailoring, where unique garments are made from purely Italian materials by Roman tailors.

For men, Monti also offers some very particular Roman stores. Squalo Roma (via Cavour, 177) is an Italian-style clothing store. The concept is to dress up warriors by making them feel confident and unique. Each piece is a mix of tradition and modern design, celebrating the rich essence of Italian culture. To keep on contributing to the Italian economy, an original gift idea is a tailor-made shirt or suit. Italian elegance is also characterized by tailors who know how to make tailored suits. Since 1939 AZ Camiceria is based in the borough, and this could be an original voucher gift for a man.

Monti is also a good stop for vintage shops, such as King Size Vintage on via Leonina, 78/79. If vintage items are the perfect gift for you, you should also go to via del Governo Vecchio, next to Navona square–this is the vintage street of Rome. Not far from here, in the Campo de Fiori area, you’ll find a very interesting bag shop – The Guitar Bag Project (via del Pellegrino), a registered trademark and a fashion start-up specialized in rock and roll inspired leather bags and accessories. A must-have for music fans!

Best Shops And Artisan Boutiques In Monti Neighbourhood

If you’re in search of a distinctive unisex gift, Derrick Jones Studio in Monteverde (via Andrea Busiri Vici 12) is a must-visit. His latest creation, “The Jones,” seamlessly blends flexibility and upcycling in a multi-functional accessory suitable for any gender. Wear it as a shoulder bag, fashion it into a unique vest, or explore your own creative uses. Within his space, Derrick Jones has curated the works of numerous talented artists and designers, providing customers with unique, high-quality fashion, home furnishings, and rare, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Italy has a long history of hat-makers; therefore, we suggest you have a look at the Roman Antica Cappelleria Troncarelli dal 1857 (via degli Scipioni, 46) in Prati, the district where many lawyers and judges work. Another must-see is Boutique Borsalino. Originally from Alessandria in the North of Italy, these hat-makers are world-famous and have even reached Hollywood and museums; they stand for what everyone imagines as an Italian handmade hat. In Rome, they are present with 3 stores between Prati and the historical centre.


Jewelry for her

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry for her, Rome will not let you down. Without spending a fortune in the Prati/Vatican area, you will find the silver jewelry maker Andrea925. Their handmade silver jewelry is unisex and custom-made, stylish with new and modern shapes, and original design. This is a must shop for everyone who wants to be original. Andrea925 has even sponsored many Italian movies and TV programs, and his jewels are thought to be worn every day and on all occasions. Here you can even find some pieces made of the traditional stone “San Pietrino” that makes walking on Rome’s streets so uncomfortable.

If yours is an important Christmas gift for her, you should head to Ansuini, the most ancient jewelry makers in town (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 151- inside Palazzo Massimo). Since 1860 the Roman Ansuini family has been on the market with unique pieces inspired by a modern reinterpretation of Roman Baroque. In its 5. Generation Ansuini has proudly displayed its creations at international exhibitions.

Let’s not forget Bulgari, a Roman jewelry brand born in the city in 1884 with its historic shop on via Condotti the street par excellence of Roman luxury shopping.


Beauty items for her

A very much appreciated Christmas gift are beauty items that range from body products such as particular soaps or toiletry kits to body and home fragrances. These kinds of gifts always make a woman always smile.

The easiest to go to in this case are one of the traditional Italian malls such as La Rinascente (next to the Spanish Steps on via del Tritone, 61), Coin Excelsior (in Prati on the main shopping street via Cola di Rienzo, 173), or OVS (via del Tritone,172 or in Prati on via Candia, 74)  for those who want to spend less. In these malls, there is a big choice of brands and gift kits specially prepared for this time of the year.

For natural products, it is better to go to a herbalist shop; here you will also find many environmentally friendly and body care Italian brands with natural and vegan products.

In the heart of the city center, just next to the Pantheon, you find the Antica Erboristeria Romana. Entering this shop is like taking a journey through time; it’s a tiny and dark shop as it used to be in the past, and it is impossible not to be fascinated by the decorated coffered ceiling and the Italian walnut furniture. This shop will surprise you with a rich selection of natural products that includes more than 20 different honey varieties.

If honey products sound like a good idea, you should definitely drop in at the Erboristeria Apistica Romana in Prati. Here, in addition to various types of honey, you will find propolis, pollen and beekeeping products, i.e., body products made from the various gifts of the beehive. In Prati you can also go to L’Erboristeria Il Germoglio, a family-run shop that has existed for more than 40 years and prepares very particular gift sets.

christmas at eataly 2023

Food baskets

If your aim is just to make a good impression without knowing exactly what the other person likes, then it’s better to go for a nice Christmas basket filled with food delicacies.

High-quality organic food and wines are all available at Eataly, the Italian food mall that selects the best of sustainable and responsible Italian food. Eataly delivers its Italian excellence worldwide. In these food baskets, you do not necessarily need to put Christmas food such as the traditional panettone, torrone chocolate and a bottle of traditional spumante or champagne. It’s getting quite common to fill the basket with traditional Italian foods such as olive oil, Parmesan cheese, pickles, biscuits, and regional products – assuming they are premium brands to make a good impression. The good news is that almost every grocery shop can prepare one for you, and its cost is based on your personal budget. In this way, it can be a very personalised gift for your loved ones.

For men, a nice gift is also a bottle of Italian wine or liquor. Enoteca Del Frate (via degli Scipioni, 122) or Enoteca Cavour  (via Cavour, 313) are all good centred addresses to go to. Slightly dislocated but well connected and on the top list of historical wine shops is Trimani (via Goito, 20) not far from the main train station Termini. 

Food And Wine Stores In Rome

gift for kids in rome

Gifts for children

If you want to make presents to the little one, Rome offers still some small toys shop where you can support family-run activities. Prati is a good place to start with. A very particular shop, not only because it opens only from Thursday to Saturday is called L’albero Diventò – they offer a selection of very good toys brand and the owner is vell prepared on what she sells and can help you out in your choice, specially if you are not a kid-expert.

If you fancy to buy quality toys that keep an eye on education through playing the best shop to go is La Città del Sole– there is one in Prati but also another one next to Navona Square in the city centre. Here you make sure to buy something which will be fun and educational at the same time.

Not far from here on the Navona square itself you can find Al Sogno–a historical shop for plush, old dolls and toys. This shop exists since more than 75 years and was opened by Dolores Manfredini, in the years taken by her daughters and granddaughters. At a time when the web did not exist, and the roman kids wanted a special plush- this was the only address to go to in town. As its name suggests a dream for everyone passionate in plush- an infinite collection in all sizes, but also fairy tales, dolls, music-boxes and whatever filled the toys rooms of our grandparents is still available, some even come out of very limited collections.

In the shopping district of Via del Corso you can find the Disney store.

To keep your present very Italian- why not check out Pinocchio Toys Roma. This shop is close to the Trevi Fountain (via del Tritone, 124) in the city centre and here you can still find wood-made pinocchios, probably the most famous Italian character original from Tuscany.

And for presents of all ages do not forget to have a look at the Christmas markets. There you can find handcraft made gifts and support local production even though they are dislocated from the city center. The most traditional Christmas markets is the one on Piazza Mazzini in Prati. This year a true Christmas village, Il Natale a Roma, counting more than 100 stalls, has opened in the Laghetto dell’EUR. Don’t forget Giftland, (via Tuscolana, 179), the biggest Christmas market with more than 6000 square meters. 

It’s time to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and start your Christmas shopping on time, before the impending shopping frenzy that intensifies as Christmas draws near. While this is not really the Italian way to do it, it will undoubtedly spare you from panicking as almost every second Italian ends up doing on 24th December, desperately trying to secure those final gifts on their list. Don’t believe me? Poll your circle of Italian friends post-Christmas, and you’ll find I’m not exaggerating. Despite the best intentions to avoid being a last-minute shopper, few still manage to put it into practice. This is also part of Roman Christmas, just decide if you truly want to fully immerse yourself in the experience, faults included.

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