“Una Notte al Colosseo”: New Colosseum Night Tours

La Luna sul Colosseo returns with a brand new tour route

From July 4th, the Archaeological Park opens its doors at sunset and stays open until midnight for a guided tour of about an hour.

Beginning Thursday, July 4th, the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum will open its gates for night tours of the Flavian Amphitheatre with the initiative “A Night at the Colosseum.”

For this inaugural edition, a guided tour lasting approximately 60 minutes has been organized, covering the first level of the monument, the arena floor, and the underground areas. The tours, scheduled every Thursday from 8:00pm to midnight, with the last entry at 10:30pm, are limited to a maximum of 25 people per group.

The visit will primarily focus on the Colosseum from the perspective of the spectators and the protagonists of the shows that took place throughout the day, including hunts (venationes) and gladiatorial combats (munera).


The itinerary of the Colosseum night tours

The tour begins at the North entrance, historically the main entrance for the Emperor, with an in-depth look at the imperial entrance and stucco decorations. From here, on the arena floor, visitors will have a comprehensive view of the seating areas and a narration of the spectacles offered by the emperors.

The visit continues into the underground areas, where the new permanent exhibition “Spectacles in the Arena of the Colosseum. The Protagonists” can be explored. This exhibition features a permanent display focusing on the protagonists of the shows, namely the gladiators and the animals involved in the venationes.

Visitors will be able to observe a striking holographic projection of gladiators emerging from the darkness of the eastern crypt, heading towards their fate in the arena, along with reconstructions of the armor based on originals preserved in major Italian and international museums. Subsequently, the tour will explore the structure of the underground corridors with a moonlit walk along the walkway to the western maneuvering chamber. After ascending the stairs under the Triumphal Gate, the itinerary concludes with the viewing of the multimedia installation “The Painting of Jerusalem.”

Guided Tour Hours in Italian and English

From 8:00pm to midnight (every Thursday)


€50.00 full price (Full Experience ticket €24.00 + guided tour €26.00)

The ticket is also valid for the following day for the archaeological area of the Roman Forum – Palatine Hill, for the SUPER sites, and the Imperial Forums.

€28.00 reduced price (Full Experience ticket €2.00 + guided tour €26.00)

For those entitled to the reduced ticket, including Membership Card holders, the cost is €2.00 for the Full Experience ticket and €26.00 for the guided tour.

For those entitled to a free ticket, the cost is €26.00, corresponding to the guided tour only.


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