Unexpected Things To Do In Rome

Unexpected Things To Do In Rome

If you are traveling to Rome, chances are you’ve already done your research on some of the main attractions. You might have looked into various tours of historical landmarks, studied up on the best restaurants for local Italian food, and even read about some of the more modern attractions like film festivals and sporting events. Even with all these kinds of things on your schedule Rome is a city that always has more to offer. We want to take a look at some of the attractions you might not expect to hear about in the Eternal City.

Tour The EUR

As mentioned, the main attractions are pretty well known in Rome. Towering and stunning remnants of the ancient world draw tourists from around the globe, and they should definitely be on anyone’s itinerary during a trip to Rome. The city is also home to a lesser known district of more modern architecture, some of which is built to echo the ancient structures with a new twist. This area is known as the EUR, described by Lonely Planet as spacious and stridently modernistic, having been built for an international exhibit in 1942. To give you an idea, the district features a “Square Colosseum” six arches high and nine wide on each side.

Check Out The Protestant Cemetery

If you’re visiting Rome, chances are you appreciate your history. Interestingly enough, Rome’s history mostly surrounds the gods and figures associated with pagan ancestors and the Catholic empire. This is why Atlas Obscura included the Protestant Cemetery on its list of off-the-beaten-path attractions in the city. Protestantism doesn’t get too much attention in Roman history, but this is a beautiful place, and even serves as the resting place for the legendary poets Shelley and Keats.

Visit Casa del Cinema

We might think of cultural exhibitions and ancient theater when we imagine entertainment in Rome, but these days the city is also known as something of a mecca for cinephiles. There are a lot of terrific venues to choose between, but if you can, try to catch a showing at Casa del Cinema, in the Villa Borghese Park. It’s everything you want in a classic theater, and there’s also an outdoor screen when the weather is appropriate. More people tend to stream their movies these days, but this is the kind of venue that might just remind you how wonderful it can be to go see a movie.

Train To Be A Gladiator

That’s right! According to Urban Ghosts Media, one offbeat thing to experience in Rome is gladiator training courtesy of the Historic Group of Rome. It’s a two-hour lesson (presumably with no danger involved), followed by a visit to the Gladiator School Of Rome Museum. It’s hard to imagine a better way to engage with this wonderful city’s legendary history, and you might learn something useful.

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