The Best Events in Rome this Autumn 2021

The best events in Rome this autumn 2020

What’s on in Rome this Fall 2021: events to mark on your calendar

As temperatures cool and leaves begin to fall, don’t be fooled into thinking that La Città Eterna is about to snuggle up into hibernation. Whilst summer might be the height of the tourism season in Rome, the autumn calendar is just as jam-packed. Even though they’ve had to adapt to the new anti-covid safety measures, museums and galleries have been busy curating and installing exhibitions of some true greats, and many of the city’s best-loved festivals are set to make their autumnal return.

Here we round up all you need to know for the biggest and best events that this season has to offer:


Village Celimontana Jazz Festival

Till September 19
Villa Celimontana –
Via della Navicella, 12 (Celio Hill)

village celimontana 2019

Village Celimontana is back with its sixth edition. Get ready to dive deep into music, culture and elegance every day. A festival with more than 100 live concerts which will see some of the greatest jazz musicians, swing and manouche formations on stage, alternating with Italian big bands and some serious rock’n’roll. The perfect setting awaits you: Villa Celimontana, an elegant and evocative location that recalls the charm of old Rome. This year the festival is celebrating the 120th anniversary of jazz icon Louis Armstrong‘s birth as well as 50 years since his passing. Get front-row seats with a bottle of wine included by clicking the Book Now button below!


Romaeuropa Festival

September 14 – November 21
Various Locations

romaeuropa festival 2021

We have rediscovered the power of the human community after having lived for months with the idea that an abyss could engulf us, that the tsunami of the pandemic could overwhelm us. This global participation, this extraordinary showcase, represents the guiding spirit of Romaeuropa and its Festival which from 14 September to 21 November returns to animate the city of Rome with an international programme of over two months, produced as a declaration aiming to restart the artistic and cultural sectors. A dazzling array of music, theatre, dance, nouveau cirque, digital arts will be showcased at various cultural institutions around the city including MAXXI, Argentina Theater, Auditorium Parco della Musica and many others. Be sure to stay up to date with all the goings on by following their website.


Wavemarket Fair

October 30-31
Prati Bus District – Viale Angelico, 52

Wave Market Fair Rome 2019

Discover the excellences of Made in Italy on October 30th and 31th at the Wave Market Fair – the first craft and design fair in Rome. Each edition promotes companies, brands and young designers, triggering a network of collaborations between different realities linked to the world of innovation and creativity. This unique event is all about the promotion of craftsmanship and design in their various forms. Over the two days of the fair, 7000 visitors are expected, with access to a 5000sqm industrial location, where they’ll have the opportunity to see more than 1000 products created by 160 brands coming from all Italian regions.


VRE Fest

October 14 – 16
Villa Maraini and La Pelanda, digital

virtual reality experience 2021

Virtual Reality Experience – VRE is an international festival created to explore the vast world of immersive technologies and their impact on our near future. A real observatory that will allow the public to take part in a selection of works filmed at 360°, live Virtual experiences, attend live performances, and listen to some of the most authoritative voices in the VR / AR field. International experts will confront each other on the revolutionary and strategic role that immersive technologies are acquiring in different business areas. There’s also a space dedicated to Gaming, which, in addition to being a form of entertainment, is thought of as a refined tool for enhancing cultural heritage. This event will take place from October 14th-16th 2021. 


Festa del Cinema di Roma

October 14 – 24
Auditorium Parco della Musica – Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 30

Rome Film Festival 2017

For 11 days this autumn, the Eternal City will see the return of its Festa del Cinema for its 16th edition. Taking place in the Auditorium Parco della Musica and other great locations throughout the city, this annual festival offers a whole host of events including screenings, master classes, tributes, exhibits, panels and many other special events. As in previous years, plenty of space will be dedicated to Close Encounters with directors, writers, actors and personalities from the world of arts and culture. Among them, this year’s edition will host Quentin Tarantino, Zadie Smith and Tim Burton who will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. The retrospective of the sixteenth edition of the Film Fest, curated by Mario Sesti, will be dedicated to Arthur Penn.


Roma Jazz Festival (to be announced)

Auditorium Parco della Musica, Monk, Casa del Jazz

Roma Jazz Festival 2020

Rome’s Jazz festival returns for its 44th edition with 8 concerts behind closed doors. Due to the decree issued on October 25th, this year’s edition will only be available online. The artists will perform live at Auditorium Parco della Musica and you’ll be able to tune in and see the concerts from your device using the international platform LIVE NOW. The festival was originally scheduled to kick off on October 29th and has now been postponed to November 10th. Eight of the originally planned 14 concerts will still take place, behind closed doors in the halls of the Auditorium. Parco della Musica will broadcast each concert live in HD streaming using the platform LIVE NOW. The live streaming of the festival’s concerts can be purchased either individually or with a subscription plan.


All About Banksy 2

Till January 2022
Chiostro del Bramante – Via Arco della Pace, 5

all about banksy exhibition chiostro bramante roma
Flower Thrower, Screenprint, 2003, Private Collection

Chiostro del Bramante is dedicating a second exhibit to the street artist with a mysterious identity in collaboration with Butterfly & David Chaumet-Butterfly Art News. Featuring 250 works from private collections, the exhibit invites us to discover, uncover and recognize Banksy and his sharp irony. An itinerary along the Bristolian artist’s works from 1999 to 2020 with special attention to the pieces that have become icons and on the artist’s values: projects imbued with social criticism and a rather pessimistic view of reality. Mice, monkeys, child soldiers, a protest in images, coming back in full force in the Renaissance temple. More than a comeback, though, it’s a deeper analysis, original and encyclopedic, on the most-known unknown artist in the world. After the success of the first exhibition, the new one, “All About Banksy Exhibition 2” will be open until January 9, 2022. 


Till November 7
Borghese Gallery, Piazza Scipione Borghese

Damien Hirst, Female Archer [Arciera], 2013. Bronzo / Bronze. Collezione privata / Private collection. Ph. by A. Novelli © Galleria Borghese – Ministero della Cultura © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved DACS 2021/SIAE 2021

Galleria Borghese is the home of the exhibit Archaeology Now, curated by Anna Coliva e Mario Codognato, from Damien Hirst’s series Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. The exhibit is running from June till November 2021. Over 80 artworks are on display, placed in every room of Villa Borghese Museum side by side with ancient masterpieces. The exhibit is very heterogeneous in terms of medium, size and material. Statues, busts, small-sized objects, and even Hirst’s own paintings Colour Space, are seamlessly placed in the museum, harmoniously clashing with the permanent collection.



Open House Rome

October 2 – 3
more than 200 buildings in Rome

open house 2021

On the 2nd and 3th of May, everyone will have the chance to explore the great architecture and design of contemporary structures, historical buildings, and even private houses all over Rome. Thanks to Open House Rome (an international event, which involves every year 32 cities in the world), special events, tours and more than 200 sites will open their doors for two days to visitors and tourists alike.

Rome Art Week 2021

October 25 – 30
art galleries and open studios in Rome

rome art week 2021

The Rome Art Week is a nonprofit collaboration between art spaces, institutions and artists working to expand the reach of the contemporary art scene in Rome. This year marks the 6th edition and will be held October 25th-30th. There are over 90 galleries and open studios participating and will give the public the chance to experience new forms of contemporary art. There are 187 artists involved in this year’s Rome Art Week. Patrons can stay updated with a current calendar of events by checking the website or following the instagram page.

Viaggio nei Fori

Till November 7
Fori Imperiali – Via Alessandrina, Largo Corrado Ricci side

Viaggio nei Fori - Multimedia show at the Forum of Augustus

The marble blocks still visible in the Forum of Augustus are the starting point for a fascinating tour in discovery of magnificent archaeological sites and a temple that was at the heart of events in Ancient Rome. A tour created by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano. Visitors will have the chance to see an exciting portrayal of life in Ancient Rome, reconstructed within the Imperial Fora using light, images, film and animation. The Forum of Augustus is composed of newly reconstructed pathways that tells the story of Augustus’ reign during Rome’s period of imperial expansion; a thrilling representation which combines historical and scientific rigor with entertainment. Visitors will stand on a flight of Roman stairs to watch a multimedia show portraying the history of the Forum and temple dedicated to Mars Ultor, commissioned by Augustus in memory of Julius Caesar. The Viaggio Nei Fori show is available in 8 languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese) will feature three 40-minute shows every evening.


Dante’s “Inferno” at Scuderie del Quirinale

From October 15 to January 9, 2022
Scuderie del Quirinale – Via Ventiquattro Maggio, 16

inferno dante scuderie quirinale

This year, 700 years after Dante Alighieri’s death, The Scuderie del Quirinale is hosting the exhibition titled “Inferno”. The exhibit will take place from October 15th-January 9, 2022, and will showcase many works of art designed to give visitors an insight into Alighieri’s world described in his poem “Divine Comedy.” World-recognized pieces are on loan from prestigious museums all around Europe including private and public collections, giving visitors a chance to experience them all together in a shared space. 

Sebastião Salgado. Amazônia at MAXXI

From October 1 to February 23, 2022
MAXXI – Via Guido Reni, 4/a

salgado exhibition at maxxi museum in rome
© Sebastião Salgado/Contrasto

The exhibition, premiering in Italy with more than 200 works immerses us in the forest universe, bringing together Salgado’s impressive photographs with the concrete sounds of the forest. The rustling of trees, the cries of animals, birdsong or the roar of water coming down from mountain tops, collected on-site, make up a soundscape, created by Jean-Michel Jarre. Salgado invites us to see, listen and reflect on the ecological situation and the relationship that people have with it today.

Gustav Klimt at Museo di Roma

From October 27 to March 27, 2022
Museo di Roma – Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10

klimt museo di roma

The Museum of Rome in collaboration with the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, will be exhibiting over 200 different works by Gustav Klimt. Originally from Austria, Klimt is known for his provocative, sensual paintings of female subjects. The Belvedere Museum in Vienna houses some of the most notable pieces in Klimt’s collection and now, they will be on display in Rome. Italy is thought to be the place where Klimt gained inspiration for a few of his works.

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