Via di Monserrato


A Street With Personality

Not far from Campo dei Fiori, leaving from Piazza Farnese, there is a short street that will catch the attention of anyone who likes to appreciate the good things in life. Via di Monserrato is filled with art galleries and boutiques of all styles, and many inviting restaurants and bars. This tiny and quiet street in the middle of bustling Rome, makes its visitors live at a slower and less touristy pace, drinking a coffee and enjoying beautiful work pieces — of clothes, rugs and much more. Full of places with tradition and personality, the new and the old mingle forming an interesting combination that anyone will want to see.

The tour starts at Piazza Farnese, which currently has a spectacular installation in the Palazzo Farnese, done by the French artist JR. It’s a three-dimensional black and white photographic collage that creates an illusionist game, making it look like it comes out of the building.
Caffè Perù is one of the most traditional places to visit at this via. Being open from early in the morning to late at night, this is a great place to have coffee or drinks.
Almost in front Caffè Perù, there is the majestic Church of San Girolamo della Carità.
In the heart of the bustling Eternal City, it is possible to walk calmly along Via di Monserrato.
The Cicli Di Bartolomei shop has been a reference point for lovers of 2 wheels since 1945.
This small but well-stocked shop has a collection of about 5,000 movies to buy or rent. A mecca for film lovers.
Among the many galleries at the via, la Galleria d’Arte Ponti was founded in 1997 by Alessio Ponti, a specialist in Italian painting and sculpture from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
On Via di Monserrato, 30 visit the recently restored Maja Arte Contemporanea Gallery, founded in 2013 by Daina Maja Titonel.
In the middle of Via di Monserrato there is the Piazza de’ Ricci where Pierluigi Ristorante can be found. Founded in 1938, this charming restaurant became, in 1990, a pioneer among the Roman culinary scene, in the preparation of fish and seafood dishes.
chez dede via monserrato
With exclusive collections of accessories, fashion, home decor and jewels, the showcase of the independent brand Chez Dede brings a refined and sophisticated air to via di Monserrato.
Old and new mingle in this traditional building that is home to the Dicò Gallery, with amazing POP art pieces.
With an elegant and unmistakable facade, almost at the end of the Via di Monserrato, we can find Maison Halaby, the laboratory of Gilbert Halaby — Lebanese by birth but Roman by adoption. Filled with different objects that are bags or oil on canvas, ceramics or watercolors created simply for the love of creating for oneself and not for a purely commercial purpose, Maison Halaby is a must go.
L’Archivio di Monserrato is a nice boutique full of personality and art.

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