Where to play Golf in Rome

Where can you play golf in Rome? There are several fields and courses both in the city center and outside of it.

Can you play golf in Roma? The answer is yes.

Imagining a golf course in the city of Rome is quite hard. Ancient ruins and archaeological excavations covering literally the entire city and all of its surroundings still hinder the construction of new buildings. In this antique landscape, how can there be space for uncontaminated golf courses? Well, Romans manage to get that too. Not only there are golf clubs in the city center, but also beautiful ones just few kilometers away from it. The Roman countryside, with its beautiful hills, is actually the best place for large and green golf courses. The choices are many, here some of our best recommendations.

Playing golf in Rome

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Starting from the city center, we first encounter the Circolo del Golf di Roma Acquasanta. Located on Via Appia Nuova and founded in 1903, it is the oldest Italian golf club. The scenery is incredibly suggestive. Ancient ruins and medieval towers emerge in the background, coronated by the vision of S. Peter’s dome from afar. Featuring eighteen holes with different difficulty levels, the Circolo welcomes both experts and amateurs. Also, there is space for friends and family members who are not familiar with Golf and who still want to enjoy a beautiful day. A big pool overlooking the green fields and tall cypresses offers relax to whoever stops by. Definitely a top experience to escape the chaos of the city traffic. 

Still inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the Golf Club Parco de’ Medici offers another incredible experience for golf lovers. Named after Pope Leo X, known as Giovanni de Medici, the club is located right next to his ancient Renaissance residency. The club landscape is framed by the typical roman pine trees, which are reflected in the many water obstacles disseminated on the whole field. The golf course presents 27 holes and a welcoming Club-house with a bar and restaurant. Parco de Medici engages also in competitions for both young and more experienced players throughout the whole year. 

The Archi di Claudio Golf Club best embodies the merging of the ancient Roman landscape with golf. It is in fact situated along the Roman aqueduct made by the emperor Claudius in 52 AD. It was instituted by some of the same founders of the Circolo del Golf di Roma Acquasanta, which distances only few kilometers from it. Comprising 16 hectares of land, the gold course offers its visitors 9 holes with different degrees of difficulty, granting access to a variegated audience. It offers indeed classes for beginners and a club for young players.

Playing golf just outside of Rome

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Stepping just outside of Rome, Castel Gandolfo Golf Club is known for its incredible architecture. While its main building is a 17th century villa previously owned by the Chigi family, the golf course emerges on the edges of a volcanic crater, a feature that allowed a high degree of originality in the layout of the golfing site. Eighteen holes, three lakes and 93 bunkers occupy a hilly landscaped framed by olive, oak, and pine trees. Located in Castel Gandolfo, Right next to the Castelli Romani, this golf club offers the possibility to merge a sport morning with an a nice afternoon walk around the lake of Albano or of Nemi, just few kilometers away from the club.

As a last but not least recommendation, the Golf Mare di Roma offers the possibility to combine sea with golf, creating a unique experience for those who want to breathe the salty air while playing. Situated along the Roman seashore, in between Ostia and Anzio, Golf Mare di Roma is the only club to offer such a maritime location. The nine holes overlook the seaside, and are all enhanced with water obstacles surrounded by nature. The club also features a swimming pool and a restaurant where it is possible to relax and take a day off while hearing the waves from the beach.

Last but certainly not least, the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Guidonia Montecello. The castle by the club was redesigned by stylist Laura Biagiotti. The country club has a practice field, a resort field with nine holes and medium complexity, and a brand-new Ryder Cup field inaugurated appositely for the Ryder Cup that the club will host in 2023. They also have a golf academy and a restaurant.

Ryder Cup 2023

In the fall of 2023, Rome has hosted the 44th Ryder Cup in the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club. The biannual event is the most important men’s golf competition, played between Europe and the United States.

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