Abitart Boutique

Abitart Boutique Rome

Designer women’s clothing boutique in Rome

Abitart is a playful fashion utopia full of color and avant-garde clothes that embody stories and experiences. Inside you will find head to toe looks: shoes that match dresses, double sided skirts, shirts with detachable sleeves, and purses that add texture to any outfit. The store’s legacy and expertise of over 40 years is apparent in the attention to detail and the dedication to creating a vivid world in the layout of the store.

The mastermind behind Abitart is designer Vanessa Foglia, who successfully transformed the atelier into a new creative brand in the 90’s and became major force in Rome’s fashion and art scene. Each clothing item is locally produced in Rome. The friendly staff members are happy to help customers select outfits that fit their personalities, the unique experience of shopping at Abitart.

Spring/Summer collection “Grazie”

The newest spring/summer collection “Grazie” will be featured in stores soon. This collection was born from Foglia’s desire to thank everyone who has helped her accomplish all she has. While designing this new collection, Foglia said the joy and little adventures of life were a large part of her inspiration. In this new collection you will find energy, passion and lots of love: “the magic and wonderful conductor of all energy”. These beautiful feelings are the foundation of this season’s collection. Foglia also created this season’s look in thanks to Rome, which inspired these emotions and always believed in her.


Via della Croce, 46/47 (Piazza di Spagna)

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  • Hi! I went out in the store in Rome in December last year and I purchased many of the clothing items of value more than 800 euro. Two of the items have turned out to be very badly done. One is a jacket made with leather sleeves and wool body. The wool part of the jacket has turned out to get very scrappy even after a few wears. I also purchased a long blouse made out different cloth pieces. One part got ripped down at the first wear. It cannot be fixed. Please let me know where I can send you photos with the two items and the wear.s

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