Andrea Dolcetti Goldsmith

Andrea Dolcetti Goldsmith

Andrea Dolcetti’s handmade, beautifully crafted jewelry are a girl’s best friend. Signor Dolcetti, is an artist and jeweler who creates artisanal jewelry from start to finish at his workshop and store on vicolo Domizio. Melting gold and silver on site, Dolcetti turns these precious metals into delicate chains and beautiful rings, with precious stones such as rubies and emeralds woven into his designs. Dolcetti gained his training from 10 years of apprenticeship in both Bologna and Napoli, and has worked for some of the most well-known European jewelry companies such as Chopard and Michele della Valle.

He has since branched out to create his own workshop and store, where he creates made-to-order pieces as well as his own unique designs. Every bracelet, necklace and ring is handmade with beautiful craftsmanship and can be tailored to the client’s requests. Dolcetti also offers a repair service and can transform a necklace into a bracelet, as well as a precious stone into an intricately crafted ornament.

As one of the rare few artisans in Rome who creates his jewelry from scratch, Dolcetti’s store is not only a place to find unique pieces but also an opportunity to have your own dream design created by an expert craftsman.


Vicolo Domizio, 3 (Navona)


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