Atelier Mia Carmen: haute tailoring in the heart of Monti

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A true Italian tailor’s, infused with beauty and elegance thanks to Mia Carmen’s unique and timeless creations

Entering Mia Carmen’s atelier in Monti is an immersive multi-sensorial experience: an explosion of colours, which energizes the sight and excites the mind; a gentle and welcoming touch, betwixt the smoothest silk, wool, cotton and more materials, carefully selected for their softness and elasticity; an imaginative exercise, for as you walk between the various items you can’t but start fantasizing about matching them up, wearing them and taking them out, colouring in the streets of the city; and finally, the irresistible and caring stylist, Mia Carmen, whose creative mind, artistic journey and attention and care for the customer warmly embrace you, the same way her coats do.

Mia Carmen’s atelier is a place of haute tailoring, where unique garments are made from purely Italian materials by Roman tailors. Mia Carmen designs two collections a year plus specific garments at the customer’s request. Her atelier is the place where the desires and needs of women and girls are listened to and realised. In fact, people are the main inspiration of the designer, the longing to make them feel good and at ease; in light, but strong, fabrics, in bright and classic colours, unusual and elegant combinations, and clean, refined cuts. Mia Carmen dresses unique, elegant and tasteful women.

Atelier Mia Carmen: Haute Tailoring In The Heart Of Monti

The coats, dresses, shirts, jackets, skirts, trousers, accessories and everything else at Mia Carmen’s are made according to the traditional rules of haute tailoring, the attention to detail is utmost, from the most hidden seams, to the inner linings, to the last button, every piece of the work is designed to give life to beautiful and eternal objects. In fact, what Mia Carmen designs is timeless; she does not follow fashion, she follows her gut, her clients and the beauty that her eye sees and her mind creates.

But who is Mia Carmen? Carmelita Ribba trained at the Koefia International Academy of Haute Couture in Rome. She took part in several international competitions for young designers before moving on to the catwalks of the most important fashion shows in Rome, where her collections stood alongside those of the most famous Roman couturiers such as Gattinoni, Fausto Sarli and Balestra.

Atelier Mia Carmen: Haute Tailoring In The Heart Of Monti
Atelier Mia Carmen: Haute Tailoring In The Heart Of Monti

She has also designed collections for several Italian prêt-à-porter companies, but her passion for tailoring and her love of beauty led her to devote herself to the creation of made-to-measure clothes and in 1997 she opened her atelier in Rome. Her work stands out in Rome, Italy and around the world, as the numerous awards won during her long, full and fascinating career testify – a career which is far from over, there are still dreams to fulfil and women to dress. Mia Carmen does not stop and will never stop; next, she tells us, she might bring her art overseas, to beautify and brighten up other cities and make other women happy.


Via Panisperna, 62 (Monti)

Opening Times

Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm

Saturday 10.30am – 1.30pm; 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Sunday 11am – 1.30; 4.30pm – 7.30pm (in December)



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