The Balloon Museum in Rome

The Balloon Museum in Rome

The first museum in the world composed entirely of balloons & inflatable art opens in Rome

The first museum dedicated to balloon and inflatable art was born inside the Pratibus district of Rome. It inaugurates its spaces with an exhibition entitled Let’s fly, produced by Lux Eventi, open until March 5th (extended till May 1th). An interactive exhibition that combines an original and innovative art form with the possibility of interaction with the works. Open 7 days a week, the Balloon Museum is a space that attracts spectators of all ages, the pop and colorful microcosm combines its free and joyful spirit with a reflection on sustainability and the need to protect nature.

The Balloon Museum in Rome

The artworks on display

Although it may seem an unusual form of art, in last few years, many artists have ventured into the creation of installations and works of art made through the assembly of balloons with different shapes and colors.

The Balloon Museum in Rome hosts the works of many international artists.  Under the canopy of Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events, from the United States, visitors can activate and put in to motion an interactive installation composed of inflatables by riding a bicycle and producing green energy. Another installation that involves the strong interaction with the public is undoubtedly Hypercosmo, by the artists Quiet Ensemble, a pool full of bubbles that one can dive into creates a hybrid environment and suspended dimension.

The Balloon Museum in Rome

From Spain Penique Production, with their huge inflatable that can also be visited inside. Never ending story, the infinity room of Motorefisico, that contains 1300 balls which are reflected in the mirrored surfaces all around. Last but not least, very important on the ethical and sustainable front, we must mention Living Forest, the interactive installation of Signal Creative finances programs of environmental sustainability through donations made by the public.

The Balloon Museum in Rome

A sustainable exhibition

The exhibition has been organized around our responsibility towards the environment. The focus is on sustainability: though the duration of the exhibition these exhibits pay much attention to the production and disposal cycle with the use of biodegradable or recyclable materials. Creating a playful and conscious experience.

The Balloon Museum in Rome

From 7th Dec 2021 to 1th May 2022

Prati Bus District

Viale Angelico, 52

Mon – Fri: from 3.30pm to 8.30pm (last entrance 7pm)
Children up to 8 years old: € 6 + € 1,00 pre-sale
Full ticket € 13,00 + € 1,00 pre-sale
Reduced ticket € 12,00 + € 1,00 pre-sale

Sat – Sun: 10am-8.30pm (last entrance 7pm)
Children up to 8 years old : € 8 + € 1,00 pre-sale
Full ticket € 15,00 + € 1,00 pre-sale
Reduced ticket € 14 + € 1,00 pre-sale

Free entrance for children up to 3 years old

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