Equilibrio, the contemporary dance festival in Rome

Equilibrio the contemporary dance festival in Rome

The 16th edition of the Festival of Contemporary Dance in Rome

After stopping for two years the Auditorum Parco della Musica is ready to host the 16th edition of Equilibrio, the festival dedicated to contemporary dance and choreographers.

The program includes 7 evenings of shows, 10 ballet companies and 8 famous Italian and international choreographers, such as: Maguy Marin from France, Sharon Eyal from Israel, the American composer and performer Pamela Z and Marcos Morau from Spain. Among the Italians Alessandro Sciarroni, Silvia Gribaudi, Francesca Pennini and Cristiana Morganti.  The festival and the program has been curated by Emanuele Masi, art director of Bolzano Danza.

Equilibrio the contemporary dance festival in Rome


Anteprima festival Equilibrio 2022, Transverse Orientation, Dimitris Papaioannou
January 28 | 20:00 | Teatro Argentina – January 29 | 19:00 | Teatro Argentina – January 30 | 17:00 | Teatro Argentina

This is the first Roman appearance of the internationally famous Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou, within his latest work, Transverse Orientation, he has recreated a suspended world, the result of the embrace between Greek mythology and dance.

RE.ROSAS, An excerpt from Rosas danst rosas coreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
February 12 | 8pm and 10pm | Cavea

A flash mob that will take place in the cavea of the Auditorium on the inauguration of the exhibition, focused on an excerpt of the show Rosas danst Rosas by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

Sharon Eyal, Promise, Compagnia Tanzmainz
February 12 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

In Promise the choreographer Sharon Eyal worked with seven dancers to become a single body, animated by feelings such as imprisonment and love, closeness and desire, ecstasy and solitude.

Maguy Marin, Umwelt, Compagnie Maguy Marin
February 15 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

The Dance-theatre of Maguy Marin returns with Umwelt, where the nine protagonists appear and disappear in the interstices of the panels placed on the stage, moving and acting to then vanish. A reflection on the defeat of the world overwhelmed by consumerism and accompanied by the music composed by Denis Mariotte.

Sivia Gribaudi, R.OSA – 10 Esercizi per nuovi virtuosismi, with Claudia Marsicano
February 17 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

R.OSA is a one-woman show where the dancer is engaged in 10 exercises of virtuosity, challenging her own limits.

A night in the theatre – A laboratory with Marco D’Agostin
February 19 | 20:30 | Teatro Studio Borgna

A group of children (from 7 to 12 years old) will have the chance to spend the whole night inside the Auditorium, experiencing workshops, meeting the artists, visiting the Adrian Tranquilli exhibition and the concert halls, creating super hero themed costumes.

Cristiana Morganti, Another round for five
February 19 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

Round for Five by Cristiana Morganti is a dancing tale where 5 dancers, all coming from different countries, gather together in a club, sharing discussions, opinions, confessions and fights.

 Alessandro Sciarroni, Joseph kids, with Michele Di Stefano and Marco D’Agostin
February 20 | 11:00 and 17:00 | sala Petrassi

The aim of this show is to teach young people that technological instruments can also be seen as a possible vehicle of creativity.that the technological instruments can be seen also as a possible vehicle of creativity.

 Marcos Morau, Oskara, Kukai Danzta
February 22 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

Oskara is an installation that focuses on some aspects of Basque culture and its myths, from its origins to present day.

Maguy Marin + Alessandro Sciarroni – Muguy Marin “Duo D’Eden” – MM contemporary dance company
Dialogo terzo: in a landscape
February 24 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

In Duo D’Eden, the dancers play the role of Adam and Eve in an Eden full of contradictions, while in Dialogo Terzo: In A Landscape the aim of the show is to create an emphatic energy among the dancers, the music and the spectators.

Francesca Pennini + Pamela Z + PMCE, Carbon song cycle
February 26 | 18:00 | Teatro studio Borgna

Carbon Song Cycle by Pamela Z is a multimedia work created in 2012, with music and immersive projections. For this edition of Equilibrio Festival Pamela Z has revealed a version with dance and music; the dancer and coreographer Francesca Pennini has been entrusted with the creation of the coreography.

Richard Siegal, Triple “All for one” – “Metric Dozen”- “My generation”, Ballet of Difference

February 26 | 21:00 | Sala Petrassi

The project realized by American choreographer Richard Siegal, founder of the Ballet of Difference in Munich in 2016, is divided into three parts that gather the choreography he has done in the last years and recent work with the Ballet of Difference. All for one is a compelling expression of the belief in the power of art, while My generation sees an ironic criticism of the pop industry.


12-26 february 2022

Auditorium Parco della Musica

Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 30


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