EscoSazio – Juice & Organic Food

Juice Bar & Organic Food in Rome

An Exotic Juice Bar with Organic Food in the centre of Rome

So it’s summer, you are exercising more, trying to eat a bit more healthy, but are tired of going out and not being satisfied? Don’t worry- eat happy! Check out Escosazio, a juice bar proudly Roman and enticingly exotic, located in a gorgeous street known for being a gourmets’ stomping ground in the centre of Rome.

With their clever play on words, organic, biodynamic ethos and indoor window swings, these new kids on the block are a little health makeover and tropical getaway in themselves. Established now for just three months yet with a committed neighbourhood following, Escosazio is fast becoming the most reliable way to get through a hot Roman day. Refreshing, energising and creative juices and smoothies are just the beginning of their organic offerings, in addition to that vast menu is an array of salads and sandwiches, too. With the exception of a number of mouth watering exotic fruits (including goji berries, custard apples, and acerola cherries), all of the produce is sourced no further than 70 kilometres from Rome- take that, carbon footprint!- and at the minimum, 70% of the produce is organic, if not biodynamic. That too goes for the flour in the locally made bread, and all ingredients in the desserts.

Juice Bar & Organic Food in Rome

The secret drawcard, however, is their innovative ‘frushi’. Papaya and pistachio on coconut rice? Perhaps mango with lime zest? Yes, please. Like traditional sushi, this clever ‘fruishion’ is eaten from little trays with specially designed ‘chopsticks’ and is not just made with tempting tropical fruits, but it is filling and satisfying too.

Of course, all this health conscience attitude reaches allergy and specialist diet requirements too, understating staff make food and juices to order, and are able to incorporate any necessary changes. They offer many vegetarian and vegan options, craft beers, and organic and biodynamic beers and wines. Escosazio even deliver free to the area on orders over ten euros- via bicycle, naturally! The well informed staff are more than happy to have a chat, and love to enthusiastically advise on the menu. Whether you need an energy boost, anti-ageing juice or a shot of antioxidants, they know their way around the science of fruit! Eat happy, indeed.

135, 00186 Roma, Italia

Juice Bar & Organic Food in Rome

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 135

Open Mon- Sat 8.30-20.00

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