Everything You Need to Know About Italian Driver’s License

driver license italy

Italy is one of the best countries in the world to drive through. It arguably has the best car manufacturers as well as the best roads in the world.

To drive in Italy, as in any other country around the world, you will need a driver’s license. An international driving license may suffice temporarily, but if you plan on living in Italy, a local driving license makes things much easier for you. The following is everything you need to know about an Italian Driver’s License, providing some pros and cons of acquiring a local license: 

  1. Italian Law

There are laws to follow in Italy for you to drive there. You can convert an international driving license provided by the EU into a local Italian license. If you are from a select list of countries, you may be able to use your country’s driving license for the first year you are in Italy. 

However, the best way to go is to get an Italian driving license as soon as possible. The law states that you have to renew your driving license, whether an international one or a local Italian driving license. The police might not bother you, but it is always best to follow the law. 

  1. Road trips

One of the benefits of having a European driver license is that you can easily go on road trips to some of the most amazing places in the world. The international driver’s license Italy is very compatible with France, as demonstrated by the information gathered by Compare the market. This makes exploration and vacations very easy. We recommend you drive along the southern coast of France, stopping off at St Paul de Vence. This enchanting hilltop village has captured the eyes of some of the greatest artists including Picasso.

3. Lessons and Exams

To get an Italian driver’s license, you will have to go to the autoscuola, the Italian equivalent of a driving school. It will cost you several hundred euros to apply to the school, and it will cover driving lessons, theory classes, taxes, stamps, theory tests, driving tests, and a medical exam. The driving school will also take care of all the paperwork for the DMV. Once you join the school, you can start taking theory classes, which will vary from school to school. You will also need to take practice exams while studying so you can pass the actual exams. Once your teacher feels ready, they will help you sign up for the next exam at the DMV. If you pass, you get a pink slip or provisional driver’s permit. 

4. Driver’s License

driver license italy

Your driver’s permit is only valid for six months, so you will have to pass the driving exams before it expires. You have to take a minimum of six driving lessons to take the driving exam. If you want to pass the exam and get a license, follow the instructor’s directions no matter how good a driver you are. They will teach you the things that will count during the exam. If you pass the driving exam, you will get your Italian driver’s license, which will cost you €136.99. You will be considered a new driver for the next three years, and there will be restrictions. The process is bureaucratic, relatively expensive and can often be slow. 

While there are certainly some things that can be improved in the process of acquiring an Italian Drivers licence, the benefits are substantial due to the number of amazing experiences that are produced due to the amazing Italian countryside. 

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