Explore Rome in a Topolino E-Car

Topolino car tour rome

A new, green way to tour Rome: discover the Eternal city in a Topolino e-car.

A new and exciting tour experience awaits you in Rome. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of significant places to see in such a short time? Struggling to enjoy yourself during extensive walking in grueling heat, trying to ensure you get the full adventure the eternal city has to offer?

The solution is simple and dreamy: the new tour of Rome offered with a drive in a Fiat Topolino electric vehicle. Enjoy the city with style and ease with a drive through the bustling capital.

Topolino car tour rome

A green way to see Rome!

Newly acquired electric Fiat Topolinos offer a new journey with a guided tour of Rome’s marvels such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Gianicolo, Circo Massimo, The Vatican, Monti and Trastevere neighbourhoods, and more.

The vehicle is an all-electric car, meaning you are capable of appreciating the great works of art here in Rome, while simultaneously adding to the green progress of the capital. The Topolino car has a large sunroof, allowing for a thorough encounter with Rome and its beautiful sites. The car is driven with ease, regardless of what you’re used to driving at home. 

The view remains breathtaking amidst being inside of a vehicle. Inside the e-car is a navigation system synced with your location on the tour route, providing an audio explanation of the historical site outside the window.   

As you drive through beautiful Rome, you are led by a group leader located in the front car. Worry not if you get stuck at a traffic light, get passed, or find yourself separated in any manner; the leader will not continue the drive until your car is directly at the rear of theirs. You have your independence, but you are never abandoned by the expert!

Topolino car tour rome

The iconic Fiat: a modern twist on a classic 

The ride inside the e-car represents the new-age approach to the timeless design of the classic Fiat Topolino. The historic model of the Topolino Fiat was produced from 1936 to 1955, producing a vintage feel while prioritizing contemporary values. 

Being 100% electric, your emissions won’t be the only thing that is non-existent. The e-car ensures silent operation, allowing your pure focus and enjoyment while journeying through Rome. Its small build allows for worry-less navigation through the small, but busy streets.

The Topolino’s friendly interface, luxurious interior, and panoramic roof will contribute to the lush and one-of-a-kind exploration. 


All of the ingredients for an authentic Roman experience 

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it can be overwhelming to attempt to behold all of its extensive beauty in a single day. Tours of historical relics around the city can become expensive and exhausting.

By choosing to participate in a Fiat Topolino tour, you experience the ancient city in a modern way, with the vibrance and liveliness of the city just beyond the other side of the glass. 

Take Rome by the steering wheel and book your tour today. The exceptional city deserves to be seen through an exceptional lens. Don’t miss out on the spectacular gifts of Rome and ensure your flawless experience.

Meeting point:
Via del Cancello 15

2 hours and 30 minutes 

Starting at €99 per person

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