Fotografi a Roma: the many faces of Rome

Fotografi a Roma exhibition at Museo di Roma
MARTIN PARR Rome, Italy, 2005 (2006)

Fotografi a Roma. Project “Commissione Roma 2003-2017”: A contemporary point of view of the eternal city and its people

At Piazza Navona, right in the heart of the eternal city, the Museo di Roma is hosting the photography exhibition Fotografi a Roma. Conceived in 2003 by Marco Delogu, the curatorial project “Commissione Roma” has collected 100 unique photographic shots; all of them depict Rome, but all of them show a different, contemporary perspective of the city.

Amongst the artists who have participated in this photography project are: Josef Koudelka, Olivo Barbieri, Anders Petersen, Martin Parr, Graciela Iturbide, Gabriele Basilico, Guy Tillim, Tod Papageorge, Alec Soth, Paolo Ventura, Tim Davis, Marco Delogu, Paolo Pellegrin, Hans-Christian Schink, Roger Ballen, Jon Rafman, Simon Roberts, and Léonie Hampton.

The art pieces of this collection make you wonder: are those artists considered photographers or photojournalists? The photos displayed in Museo di Roma show Rome exactly as it is. Every single moment captured documents the reality of the city and its people: the beauty, ugliness, joy, and hardships of daily life in the Italian capital.

Fotografi a Roma exhibition at Museo di Roma
Roma, 2007 (2008)

Each artist has had the opportunity to capture and narrate the essence of Rome with complete artistic autonomy and based on their own aesthetic point of view. Gabriele Basilico shows a more poetic side of the city by capturing the riverfront of Tiber. Hans-Christian Schink’s photos mix the urban with the rural elements and focus on the geometry of the buildings and arches of Rome.

Fotografi a Roma exhibition at Museo di Roma
Via Casilina (2), 2015

From a different point of view, Martin Parr focuses on the tourists of the historical center – his photos, characterized by bright colors and lack of order and geometry, are a mirror of the crowded and chaotic archeological sites of the city center. On the other hand, Guy Tillim has captured the quiet, empty streets around Termini. As for the photographers Joseph Koudelka, Paolo Pellegrin, and Anders Peterson, they chose to concentrate on the raw and “wilder” side of the city or, more specifically, of its people.

Fotografi a Roma exhibition at Museo di Roma
Still in the land of the living (1954)
from the series New Vedute, 2016

The Fotografi a Roma exhibition makes evident how the city is like an actual person. As a matter of fact, Rome has a multidimensional personality: sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s lively, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s lonely. If you have a specific image of the eternal city in your head, this exhibition will make you realize that Rome has many different faces that you’ve never seen or, simply, noticed.

After you visit all the historical sites of Rome and walk around its picturesque streets, pass by Museo di Roma to see the city through the eyes of a great variety of international artists. The exhibition is now open to the public and will be until June 16th.

Till 22 September

Museo di Roma

Piazza Navona, 2 (centro storico)

Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Entry fee: €7

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