L’Isola del Cinema: movies on Rome’s only island

L'Isola del Cinema Roma

L’Isola del Cinema: over 80 evenings to enjoy open-air movies on the Tiber Island

This year, L’Isola del Cinema’s annual film festival – one of the capital’s summer peak cultural events in the heart of the historic center – kicks off with a special edition. From 13 June to 1 September, in an arch of over 80 evenings, the historic Cinema e Cultura lounge returns, housed in the charming and elegant space of the Tiber Island.

The Festival, conceived and directed by Giorgio Ginori, celebrates its 25th edition with previews, unpublished works, awards, competitions, thematic reviews, debates, masterclasses, exhibitions, screenings in original language and many other unmissable events.

In this new edition, there are three themes that are represented thanks to the language of the seventh art: Innovation, Environment and Tourism. Attention to new technologies and a different way of using video content is realized with the new VR Room (virtual reality), where you can get an immersive cinema experience. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary, Modo Comunicazione presents to L’Isola del Cinema its immersive medium-length feature in Virtual Reality on Leonardo da Vinci. The content, which lasts about 20 minutes, can be enjoyed using virtual reality workstations equipped with appropriate VR viewers.

The film and cultural festival is confronted with the new multimedia realities, presenting itself in a renewed guise that wants to be a meeting point between tradition and innovation, respecting the original place that has always hosted it: the Tiber Island. It is in the wake of this suggestion that L ‘Isola del Cinema on the occasion of its 25th edition, chose to pay tribute to its historic location, revealing its secrets and legends.

A well-known tourist vocation, which brings about 250,000 visitors to the Tiber Island every summer, between Romans and tourists. This year’s news is guided tours, which will make places rich in history and mystery accessible through bi-weekly evening visits. Among the guests expected during the edition, the director Matteo Rovere, who will intervene on the opening night, Thursday, June 20, at the opening of the film Il primo Re; on 24 June Massimiliano Bruno intervenes to introduce his comedy to the public. On June 25th it’ll be the turn of Alessandro Capitani, in the Arena, with the film Traveling with Adele. In July other special guests: Valeria Golino, Giovanni Veronesi and director Barbara Miller.

isola del cinema

L’Isola del Cinema confirms a stimulating window on Italian and international cinema: ample space will be given to Italian films, with the Ciak section of Italy and New Italian Cinema, without forgetting the news coming from abroad, for a range of proposals ranging from art films to cinematographic works that have distinguished themselves most during the last film season. Nine countries participating in the Isola Mondo section, with unreleased films that will be presented in national preview, in collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Institutes. The usual review “The magic of Cinema in the Hospital” returns, with free screenings in the Sala dell’Assunta of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital for patients, their families and the hospital staff. Italian comedies will be screened weekly to offer a moment of distraction and entertainment, a sort of cinematheraphy, even to those who find themselves inside the hospital.

For the 2019 Edition, there are five halls where screenings, debates, meetings with directors and actors, events, awards, readings and thematic reviews will take place: the great Arena, the Cinelab space, which this year will be open air and it will also host literary presentations organized by Giovanni Fabiano and Maria Castaldo, the Tiber Screen and the nearby Sala dell’Assunta inside the Fatebenefratelli Hospital, and the new VR & Gaming Space.

The “Mamma e le Città Metropolitane” Short Film Competition returns, promoted by L’Isola del Cinema and Maiora Film. The 8th edition of the Competition, which becomes a national event this year, focuses on the city and its inhabitants, from the center to the suburbs, to describe the complex relationship between the urban fabric and the multiplicity of people who live it daily basis.

The competition is aimed at young cinema enthusiasts under 35 and, and on the occasion of the 25th edition of L’Isola del Cinema, it extends to the 14 Italian metropolitan cities: Rome, Turin, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Naples , Reggio Calabria, Cagliari, Catania, Messina and Palermo. The MAMMA ROMA is a  € 1000 award, and will be awarded to the best short film.

Check out their website for all the details and info on movie screenings, meetings and events!


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