La Rinascente

la rinascente rome

La Rinascente, Rome’s luxury department store

Rome will be modern, thanks to La Rinascente. One hundred years after the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio coined the name, Rome has its brand new luxury department store. Just footsteps away from the Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna, the building itself is worth a visit.

la rinascente rome

In the basement, next to the super fun design supermarket and the Tax Free Lounge – which for tourists is heaven – there is a treasure from Ancient Rome: the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct that Emperor Augustus inaugurated in the Year 19 BCE.

la rinascente rome

You know, Rome? Where past and present engage in dialogue and create a building that perfectly balances ancient and modern? It’s evident right from La Rinascente’s façade.

la rinascente rome

Entering from Via del Tritone you will find the most beautiful bags in the world. Gucci is the first pink corner on the left. Go ahead and you will find yourself in front of the Insta-friendly big Prada-bot. The same tone of contemporary elegance extends to the First Floor, and proves perfect in the staging of the spectacle of beauty assigned to the best brands of cosmetics, latest-generation beauty care products, the most exclusive fragrances, and the make-up favoured by the stars.

la rinascente rome

This is the only place in Italy where you can find the Laboutin nail polish. Also, one part of the floor is dedicated entirely to lingerie. Second and third floors display men fashion.

la rinascente rome

They’re beautiful but the ladies will want to go up to the Fourth Floor designed by India Mahdavi. The interiors displaying luxury footwear are given the form of a veritable library of textures, while the rest of the floor vaunts a decidedly more modern and minimal appeal.

la rinascente rome

There, amid a zero-gravity sage green carpet, you will smell Balenciaga heels mixed to Dries Van Noten’s. But shopping can be exhausting, so drop the bags and have a glass of Rubin red Italian wine on top of the world, where The Food Hall and its panoramic terraces are located.

la rinascente rome

There are no buildings as high or higher than Rinascente, and this affords a gorgeous view of the Eternal City: St. Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, the Borromini Belfry, Villa Borghese, the Quirinale, and Monte Mario.

la rinascente rome

The Food Hall hosts star-rated chef Riccardo Di Giacinto’s MadeITerraneo restaurant. Chef Di Giacinto is also the man at Up – Sunset Bar Lounge Bar, a magnificent roof garden with an unlimited selection of spirits representative of all the Mediterranean nations. PZA makes pizza the way they like it in Rome – and elsewhere in Italy – of course, served with a surprising beverage: bubbly champagnes and prosecco.

la rinascente rome

San Gregorio is a well-stocked delicatessen with a kitchen where the offerings vaunt Roman identity and feature salami and cheeses from the Lazio and Campania Regions with a generous wine list. The Food Hall shows its international dimension in the Nippo-Brazilian fusion cuisine offered by Temakinho.

la rinascente rome

The venue’s design and décor recalls lush gardens at Colonial Brazil’s villas and the riverboats that plied the Amazon in the 1800s, revised to modern glamour.

It took 1852 days to renovate the Rinascente building, but it will only take a millisecond to fall in love with it.

23, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


Via del Tritone, 61

Via dei due Macelli, 23

Opening Hours:

Daily from 9.30am – 11pm


06 879161


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