Summer Nights Along the Tevere

Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016

The Banks of The Tevere Heat Up Each Night With An Eclectic Mix Of Cultural Events, Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife.

It never was an easy feat to cross the Ponte Sisto without catching one’s breath slightly at the stunning sight of St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance. However, throughout the summer months, the task becomes even more difficult as the banks of the Tiber River (known as the Tevere in Rome) come alive each night from 7pm onwards. Pop-up tents, restaurants, cafes, and stores set up shop every summer, and a nightly array of cinema under the stars, concerts, book reading, and art exhibitions also unfold in the evening.

Lungo Il Tevere di Roma, literally, along the Tevere, is a festival which annually draws the people of Rome and visitors alike back to the banks of the original source and lifeblood of the city, its river. Trade returns to the place where Rome was founded, reinventing the tradition of the aperitivo in the city, and placing it alongside the river; now you can sip that evening spritz or cocktail while looking upon something far more ancient and historical than the Colosseum or the Pantheon. Watch the sun set over the river and marvel at the beauty of the Eternal City, one of the many reasons why Il Tevere a likely answer to the question concerning what to do on a summer night out in the city.

Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016

Starting at the steps which descend from Ponte Sisto, meander along the river towards Ponte Garibaldi, where you will be greeted by an array of eateries. As trade, art, and music move riverside, they also adapt to the new location and seafood is definitely the menu, thank goodness! Cartoccis is the spot if you want to indulge in the English tradition of fish and chips. There’s also the option of mussels and fried prawns, or try the frittura di paranza (fried fish). Cartocci doesn’t just occupy one pop-up space, but several, so while one area specialises in seafood, the a next door shop is dedicated solely to vegetarian and vegan fare. From the veggie options, try the polpette di ceci (fried chickpea “meatballs’), or the just classic patatine fritte (chips!).

Taqueria el Paso serves up a rich mixture of traditional Mexican food, from paella, to burritos, to fajitas. And if you’re in the mood for something more North American, there’s a whole section of the menu dedicated to the hamburger.

Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016

As you carry on along the river path you will soon meet Sora Lina, which is a traditional trattoria, serving pizzas with great river views.

Taverna Mediterranean, as the name would suggest, specialises in a mixture of hummus, falafel and mediterranean fare.

lost river

The beach theme continues with Lost River, a bar decked out in surfer decor, to give a fresh off the beach feel.

Travelling along the river path by bike is a great alternative to walking, and at Danoi you get 10% off all orders if you arrive by bicycle! Expect a great selection of cocktails, aperitivo, and dinner options, from hamburgers to salads, including a vegan salad, a great mix of carrot, celery, cucumber, almonds, olives, capers and lime. Try the Sweet Sunset @ Tevere for a deliciously sweet drink to sip by the river, a mixture of Aperol, red vermouth, grapefruit juice, prosecco, and a twist of orange!

La Crostaceria is another great spot for seafood, the place to head for paper cones of fish and chips, or more traditional Italian seafood. And if you’re just looking for gelato, no problem, because there’s a wagon of the stuff!

Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016

Towards the end of the path you will find Rec 23, where you can try a selection of burgers, or for something greener, the strawberry salad.

Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016

Across the waters on Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) another great place for seafood, Molo 15, serves dishes such as insalate di polpo (octopus salad), or scampi. And alongside the seafood, nightlife continues across the river, although there is a definite change in the air as the beachy and relaxed feel is replaced by a more upmarket vibe. This is the time to ditch the sandals and sangria and take in an evening movie at the outdoor cinema llsola del Cinema, a view of which can be seen from Ponte Fabricio as you cross the bridge to reach the island. On Isola Tiberina, wine is definitely being poured! What’s more, there are also cultural events taking place on an outdoor stage next to the cinema. On the island there are several bars, a Persian restaurant, and even a bookstore, featuring several books by authors who appear throughout the festival for book readings. For wine tasting, choose from Cantina 900, in close proximity to the cultural stage and the outdoor cinema, or Bacco al Tevere, an osteria, pizzeria and enoteca.


Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2016Shopping

And as you make your journey along the river, do set aside some time to browse the interesting traders who have set up stands along the Tevere, including shops selling colourful clothing with a down-to-earth feel, as well as vendors selling precious stones. One even hawks an impressive collection of Himalayan salt lamps!

Artistic Events

Across Lungo Il Tevere, the banks of the Tevere are also acting as a gallery space, hosting a number of artistic events and exhibitions. Keeping with the sea theme, Il Pescatore di Cieli (Fisherman of the Heavens) and two other pieces are on display by renowned sculptor Alba Gonzales. What with all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to walk past and miss the exhibitions entirely, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, Chakr-Art, in collaboration with Chakr-cafe, whose cleverly designed pop-up shop features bookshelves and an artistic feel, presents an installation covering the work of forty different artists throughout several dates in July.


Throughout July musical events will take place along the river, with many notable classical artists playing. Check the Lungo Il Tevere website ( for more details.

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