Lungo Il Tevere 2023

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

The Lungo il Tevere summer festival has returned to the Tiber’s riverside

This summer, from Ponte Sublicio to Ponte Sisto, the Tiber River will host Lungo il Tevere, a cultural experience that allows all visitors to immerse themselves into a true Roman summer.

Since 2003, this annual event has made its home on the river’s right bank, and attracts thousands of Italians, Romans, and tourists alike. This year’s installation continues the popular Lungo il Tevere tradition of celebrating all things art, food, and nightlife.

lungo il tevere roma 2023

Against the backdrop of melting sunsets, classical bridges, and the natural river and its bank, the organizers of the event transform the area into a cultural wonderland for all senses. Imagine a scene filled with enchanting hanging lights, charming little shops, and warm, inviting restaurants and bars. It’s a perfect setting for both creating wonderful memories and capturing stunning photographs.

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

Live shows, talks, and cultural events

Every evening, prepare to be entertained with a variety of captivating shows that cater to diverse tastes. From live performances by talented local bands to engaging readings and thought-provoking talks, there’s something for everyone. “Salotto Tevere” is a space where artists freely express themselves in a public space, creating an engaging atmosphere. Additionally, a weekly event called “IusArteLibri: Il Ponte della Legalità” showcases book awards and literary presentations, offering intellectual stimulation.

Lungo Il Tevere 2018 Rome

Games, boutiques and other stalls

But don’t worry, the entertainment doesn’t stop at artistic endeavors alone. Along the river, you’ll discover an array of games designed to captivate both children and adults. Take a break from the cultural offerings and indulge in arcade games or test your skills at foosball tables. There’s a delightful blend of artistic expression and playful activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience for all.

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

If gaming or spectating isn’t your cup of tea, fear not, as there are numerous shops waiting to be explored. Wander through craft stands and clothing boutiques, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique items. Indulge in the world of artisan craftsmanship as you browse through stands showcasing handmade jewelry and other exquisite creations. The diverse selection includes both Italian and international pieces, allowing you to appreciate different cultures and artistic expressions. For those seeking an Oriental touch, don’t miss the little kimono stand, situated halfway through the walk. This is a place to find your next quirky gift!

Adding a delightful touch to the festival are educational posters sprinkled throughout, revealing the fascinating world of local wildlife, including the river-dwelling birds, as well as the history of the surrounding area and bridges.

Food and drink

After roaming the different shops and sites, you may find yourself to be hungry. Not to worry! The event offers many food and beverage points– all differing in both style and cuisine. Whether it be authentic Roman, Mexican, Mediterranean or Pizza, your craving can be satiated. Mexican Jungle combines its large surrounding Roman landscape with the sense, taste, and feel of faraway Mexico. Or have a small slice of Rome at Timo Garden Bar & Diner, featuring nuanced interpretations of Roman pizza and drinks.

Stop at, Nanni, a haven for burger and meat lovers, or Fisherman if you prefer seafood, an all-fish restaurant that features both the classics of the Italian tradition, such as spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) or the original British fish and chips.

If you wish to venture beyond European flavors, satisfy your cravings at Mediterraneo, a Middle Eastern stall that beckons with its enticing aromas. Indulge in the mouthwatering blend of tender, marinated meats, fragrant spices, and freshly baked bread, transporting your taste buds to the vibrant streets of the Mediterranean.

lungo il tevere roma 2023

If the sounds of nightlife are perhaps more enticing than just dinner, stay out and hop some of the many bars that the riverside has to offer. Create your own unique bar experience by drinking by the Ponte Sisto through the early hours of the morning.

Whatever your preference, this year’s Lungo il Tevere has more than enough to keep you occupied until its close on the 27th of August.  To make the most of the experience though, we suggest bringing along mosquito repellent to ward off any unwelcome river guests and ensure a delightful time.

Till August 27th

Daily 7pm – 2am

Along the Tiber Banks between Ponte Sublicio & Ponte Sisto

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