Lungo Il Tevere 2022

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

The Lungo il Tevere summer festival has returned to the Tiber’s riverside

This summer, from Ponte Sublicio to Ponte Sisto, the Tiber River will host Lungo il Tevere, a cultural experience that allows all visitors to immerse themselves into a true Roman summer.

Since 2003, this annual event has made its home on the river’s right bank, and attracts thousands of Italians, Romans, and tourists alike. This year’s installation continues the popular Lungo il Tevere tradition of celebrating all things art, food, and nightlife.

Against the backdrop of melting sunsets, classical bridges, and the natural river and its bank, the organizers of the event transform the area into a cultural wonderland for all senses. Hanging lights, cozy shops, and welcoming restaurants make for both delightful experiences and delightful photos.

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

Free shows are held nightly and range from live music performed by local bands, to readings, to artistic performances of any kind. “Salotto Tevere” is always a hit, allowing artists free expression in a public space, and coordinated by Giò Di Sarno singer-songwriter/journalist. Each Wednesday you can also expect, “”IusArteLibri: Il Ponte della Legalità” which presents book awards and literary presentations. Visit their main site for more information.

Do not worry, the entertainment will not just consist of artistic endeavors- you will also find games to occupy both children and adults scattered alongside the river. Arcade games and, of course, foosball tables will be available for use.

Lungo Il Tevere 2018 Rome

If gaming or spectating is not your thing, then check out one of the many shops where you can purchase an array of specialty items. With 50 craft stands, and 10 informational stands, all interests can be explored. Whether it be handmade jewelry, international items, environmentalism, or even jazz, Lungo il Tevere has a place for you. Find your next quirky gift or new cultural adventure by the river!

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 18th edition.

After roaming the different shops and sites, you may find yourself to be hungry. Not to worry! The event offers 11 food and beverage points– all differing in both style and cuisine. Whether it be Spanish, authentic Roman, Mexican or American, your craving can be satiated. Messico e Nuvole combines its large surrounding Roman landscape with the sense, taste, and feel of faraway Mexico. Or have a small slice of Rome at Timo Garden Bar & Diner, featuring nuanced interpretations of Roman pizza and drinks.

Lungo Il tevere roma summer festival 2022

Take Taqueria El Paso for instance, a spot whose Tex-Mex menu includes tender Dallas fillets and moreish nachos. Or Rec 23 on the River a beloved, family-friendly Testaccio restaurant that makes a regular appearance to the event. The juiciest of burgers, hot dogs and fries are added to the menu here to satisfy the hungriest of people. 

Lungo Il tevere roma summer festival 2022

If you wish to keep exploring European culture, look no further than The Spanish Yard. Their tapas, sangria, and other Spanish specialties are bound to make your trip to Lungo il Tevere more than memorable.

If the sounds of nightlife are perhaps more enticing than just dinner, stay out and hop some of the bars that the riverside has to offer. Create your own unique bar experience by drinking by the Ponte Sisto through the early hours of the morning.

Whatever your preference, this year’s Lungo il Tevere has more than enough to keep you occupied until its close on the 28th of August.

Lungo Il tevere roma summer festival 2022

Till August 28th

Daily 7pm – 2am

Along the Tiber Banks between Ponte Sublicio & Ponte Sisto

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