Lungo Il Tevere 2019

Lungo Il Tevere 2019 Rome
Good view of the Tiber River and Lungo il Tevere

The Tiber River Transforms

As if the atmosphere in Rome could not get any more perfect, Lungo il Tevere electrifies Roman nightlife with its 17th annual edition. Lungo il Tevere uses the banks of the Tiber River and invites everyone for some outdoor fun. Started only a few weeks ago on June 5th, visitors and locals of Rome can experience the event up until August 31st.

The festival has two separate entrances at the street level, one at Ponte Sisto and the other at Ponte Sublicio with steps leading down to the activity along the river. From Porta Portese to Piazza Trilussa, you will be inspired by art wherever you look. Artists have the opportunity to express and display their work along the river.

Lungo il Tevere Roma welcome sign.

Lungo il Tevere transforms the Tiber River into something so much more than just a historic river to the city of Rome. Instead, this festival steers away the initial excitement of the usual Roman monuments and transforms the riverbanks into something you would not want to miss. Stop by for aperitivo, dinner or drinks in one of the many temporary restaurants and bars.

Vendor tents differ from one another.

Enjoy an aperitivo or a nice dinner for two along the Tiber as you watch the sunset and take in the views. Lighten the mood with table-top games before walking towards Ponte Sisto for live music. Of course, Lungo il Tevere is also kid-friendly. There are a variety of games which younger guests will enjoy, some of which are even free. Restaurants like Rec23 on the River are kid-friendly as well; their menu includes hotdogs, hamburgers, and french-fries and will leave even the pickiest of eaters satisfied. Later in the night, the energy at Lungo il Tevere picks up and a young-adult crowd arrives in mass. By midnight, the event takes the form of a bustling bar and hangout.

Lungo Il Tevere 2018 Rome
Table football games are everywhere

There is free entertainment each night at Lungo il Tevere, ranging from live music from local and classical artists to cultural performances and improv acts. Upcoming performances include a comedy show from Social Trash, improv from R’Estate QUI 2019, and a reading by Gianluca Morozzi from his novel Dracula and I. Roma Caput Indie and The Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra are also in the lineup. Checkout the calendar on the event’s website to stay up to date on all of the happenings.

If you’d like to get a healthy start to the night, visit Timo Garden near Piazza Trilussa and the Ponte Sublico entrance to Lungo il Tevere. Timo has an expansive menu which includes Italian appetizers and aperativo, vegetarian cuisine, and burgers. Sit back and take in the setting with only the freshest of cocktails. For an elegant dining experience, try Il Tempio del Gusto. With its white-tablecloth seating under the bridge in an unlikely setting, this upscale pizzeria is perfect for a romantic evening or special occasion.

Lost River

For Mediterranean classics, fruity cocktails, and hookah, stop by Mediterranean Tavern. Or, after a romantic dinner, bring your plus one to the Lost River lounge. Here you can also enjoy hookah and cocktails as you relax with colorful pillows atop a ledge. 

Spanish Yard

If you’re looking for a more lively atmosphere, head to Spanish Yard and order spritz’s and tapas for the table. For a heavier meal, try Brace for excellent cuts of meat best enjoyed to the tune of live music.

Lungo Il Tevere 2018 Rome
Taqueria el Paso Tex Mex

Of course, if you feel like your Italian vacation has robbed you of your chips and salsa fix, stop by Taqueria el Paso for tex-mex favorites and American style grilled meat. This will definitely be the most elegant tex-mex restaurant you’ll ever encounter with its white exterior and hanging baskets along the river.


On the Ponte Sisto end of the event is Nanni, which is also great for early evening. Nanni offers a casual atmosphere with a view of St. Peters that creates the ideal setting for sipping on a nice glass of wine. While not as cool as previous editions, Lungo Il Tevere is still one of the highlights of summer in Rome.

Till August 31st

Daily 7pm – 2am

Along the Tiber Banks between Ponte Sublicio & Ponte Sisto

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