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There’s a lot more to MYZAR Concept Store than initially meets the eye. Although the colorful thematic window displays draw you in initially, this concept store’s fun, happy vibes and curated mix of young, emerging international and Italian brands will keep you coming back for more. The concept store’s brainchild, Gabriele, designed MYZAR to be a place for local romans and visitors to find quality pieces that they fall in love with over and over again.The prices go hand in hand with the quality of the pieces, and Gabriele understands the value of customer service- he has already developed a loyal client base.


Quattromani, Eulalia B, Cristina Ruggiero, Comeforbreakfast and Toi et Moi are just a sampling of the designers whose shiny, textured, woven, carved, buttery leather and studded creations fill the racks and shelves of MYZAR. Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch the fabric, or scrunch the silk Agnes Kolignan printed scarves; shopping at MYZAR is more than an experience, it’s an education in style and texture.

Take a stroll down the historic via Giulia, pop in to MYZAR, and explore one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories, jewelry – you can’t find these pieces anywhere else in Rome and for some of the designers, MYZAR is their only selling point in Italy.


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Via Giulia, 73

Opening Times

Mon 3-8pm / Tues-Sat 10am-1pm; 3-8pm


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