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ortigia romeI was wandering aimlessly through the alleyways of Florence last month in a white cotton dress wondering whether I should consider a new perfume for summer – something light and fresh yet with a lingering spiced scent that makes you feel more exotic and mysterious than you really are. And on that warm afternoon, floating on the breeze from a boutique wafted the heady fragrance of orange blossoms and almonds and figs. I looked up and saw the iconic lavish design of the Ortigia boutique and suddenly it all came flooding back. That 5-star luxury hotel by the sea with giant timber shuttered windows, the cream muslin curtains blowing in the wind, the opulent bathroom with Ortigia body lotion sitting there seductively. If you haven’t before encountered this label, which creates soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions based on the wild scents of Sicily then you don’t know what you’re missing. They make the type of cream that you can apply to any part of your
body and it’s as though you’re wearing a deep alluring perfume yet it hydrates your skin and never saturates the space around you disturbing others who don’t share your olfactory taste. Their products have a luscious base of olive oil and draw inspiration from the blood orange, saffron, pistachios, grapefruit and sea salt, pomegranate and lime of the Baroque Sicilian island of Ortigia. So I bought myself a lotion, which comes in arguably the most exquisite packaging I’ve ever
encountered, and friends and strangers haven’t stopped ‘inhaling’ me ever since. The best news: they’ve just opened their first store in Rome In Via Vittoria, 25. Find the perfect Italian gift for someone back home or simply treat yourself.


Via Vittoria, 25

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